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Team Members

Terri Bollinger, RN

Trauma Burn Unit, University of Michigan Health System (UMHS), ICAM

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Kristen Cunningham, MPA

Technical Project Manager, MAG/Michigan Surgical & Health Optimization Program (MSHOP)

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Brian Derstine, M.S.

Data Scientist, Morphomic Analysis Group

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Binu Enchakalody, M.S.

Research Software Engineer, MAG

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Anne Fast, R.N.

Level E Clinical Nurse, Michigan State Burn Coordination Center, University of Michigan Hospital, Trauma Burn Unit.

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Rebecca Goulson

Research Assistant, ICAM/MAG

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Brianna Henderson

Research Area Specialist Associate, Pediatric Surgery, ICAM

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Sven Holcombe, M.S.

Crash Safety Research Engineer, ICAM/MAG

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Carol Knox

Administrative Assistant to the Director and Associate Director, ICAM/MAG

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Carla Kohoyda-Inglis, MPA

Program Director, ICAM/UMPIRE

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Lauren League

Web Designer, ICAM/MAG

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Chris Lee

Research Specialist

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Joel MacWilliams

Crash Investigator, ICAM

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Sarah Parviz

Program Coordinator, Michigan State Burn Coordination Center, University of Michigan Health System Trauma Burn Unit

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Brian Ross, RTR (R)(CT)

Research Analyst, ICAM/MAG

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June A. Sullivan, MBA

Managing Director, MAG

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Nicholas Wang

Research Associate, MAG/ICAM

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Let's Collaborate.

Morphomics is incredibly collaborative in nature, and its true power comes from bringing together experts and data from many fields to tackle important questions about human health and well-being.