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Immediately following the death of your loved one at UMHS


What to do before leaving the hospital:

The staff on the unit will make every effort to offer you comfort and information. Please ask if you need something special to help during this difficult time.

If you wish, you may stay at the bedside with your loved one for a period of time.
You may ask nursing staff to contact Spiritual Care or your Social Worker for additional support.

The physician or staff member will ask the next of kin or legal guardian to make decisions about the following:


After leaving the hospital:

Select a funeral home or cremation society, and advise them that your loved one is at the University of Michigan Health System. The funeral director will contact the hospital to make arrangements for the release of your loved one.

You may want to contact other family, friends, and spiritual and/or community leaders to support and guide you through the early stages of bereavement.

Once you are able, you may want to review legal and financial documents. If necessary, contact your attorney to discuss specific legal issues.