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Dear Michigan Medicine Family,

If someone close to you has died while under the care of Michigan Medicine, please accept our heartfelt condolences for your loss. We realize that remembering that day may be difficult but hope you will take a moment and participate in the care at end of life survey (the link is provided below in blue, simply click on it to begin). Feel free to share this survey with anyone else impacted by the loss or spent time at Michigan Medicine. Your feedback about the survey would also be helpful as we plan to extend this to all families who have experienced a death.

Michigan Medicine strives to make sure that everyone nearing the end of their life is treated with dignity and respect and receives compassionate care. We are also committed to supporting families and caregivers during this time, providing care, information, and support before, during, and after a death. Your feedback will help us improve the quality of care provided to all patients and families.

Care at the End of Life Survey

A Walk to Remember Brochure

If you need assistance with this survey please call 734-232-3981, leave a message, your call will be returned, and the survey may be done over the phone.

Thank you,

Lisbeth Harcourt, LMSW

Office of Decedent Affairs

The Office of Decedent Affairs strives to help the University of Michigan Medical Center become a center of excellence in providing end-of-life care for patients and families and to provide education, training and support for our dedicated staff.

We are the designated point of contact at UMHS for ongoing questions or concerns before, during and after the death of a family member or friend.

Office of Deccedent Affairs Program Manager: Lisbeth Harcourt, LMSW

Children and Women's Bereavement Program Manager: Aimee Vantine, LMSW

The ODA pager is covered 24/7. Please contact the paging operator at 936-6267 and ask for pager number 3773.