Helicopter Critical Care Transport

  • Survival Flight operates three twin-engine Bell 430 Helicopters (one 24 hours a day, one 16 hours a day and the other for organ procurement.
  • Survival Flight Bell helicopters fly at an average speed of 172 miles per hour and serve an air mile radius around Ann Arbor of approximately 200 nautical miles. For more distant destinations in Michigan, United States, Canada, Mexico and the Caribbean, transport by fixed-wing aircraft is used.
  • Survival Flight helicopters are capable of carrying a patient, medical crew, and a full complement of advanced life support equipment. The helicopter is equipped with avionics and advanced communication radios enabling Instrument Flight Rules (IFR) flying in inclement weather.
  • Survival Flight helicopters accomodate isolettes with ventilatory and invasive pressure monitoring capabilities for the neonate and infant. The isolette is nitric-ready for those patients requiring nitric ventilation for transport.