Fixed Wing Critical Care Transport

  • For patient transports of greater distances Survival Flight uses a dedicated medically configured cabin pressurized fixed wing Cessna Citation jet. This jet is capable of flying anywhere within the continental US, Mexico, and Canada.
  • Survival Flight uses the same crew and sophisticated equipment used in the helicopter service. Speciality teams for neonatal, pediatric cardiology and Extracorporeal Life Support (ELS) are available to Survival Flight also.
  • Survival Flight requires dispatch personnel to obtain financial information for authorization of fixed-wing transports to University of Michigan Health Systems. For transports not returning to U of M Health Systems a guarantee of payment for the cost of the aircraft is required by our aircraft vendor.
  • A Survival Flight fixed wing crew is airborne and usually on its way within two hours of receiving a request. Critically ill or injured patients can be delivered to a hospital selected by the attending physician, patient or family.