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The Constitution of the John M. Sheldon
University of Michigan Allergy Society

This society shall be called the John M. Sheldon University of Michigan Allergy Society.

The purpose of the Society is to reaffirm and perpetuate those principles of integrity, service and scholarship exemplified by Dr. John M. Sheldon with regard to

  1. patient care;
  2. continuing education of the allergist and immunologist;
  3. clinical and laboratory investigation; and
  4. perpetuation of friendships.

The John M. Sheldon University of Michigan Allergy Society shall consist of active, honorary and emeritus members.

Active Membership is available to all those individuals who have completed an acceptable fellowship in the Division of Allergy, Department of Internal Medicine, University of Michigan Hospital Services (UMHS), Ann Arbor, Michigan.

The term acceptable implies that an individual shall have completed a minimum of one year of fellowship training in allergy and immunology. Certain exceptions would be:

Under special circumstances, the Council may recommend that other individuals be extended membership. Approval by the membership will constitute a 3/4 majority vote of the ballots cast within three (3) weeks of mailing.

Allergy and immunology trainees will be notified about and may attend Society functions, but will not become active members until completion of their Fellowship.

Current faculty of the University of Michigan's Department of Internal Medicine, Division of Allergy will be extended invitations to join the John M. Sheldon U of M Allergy Society.

Active membership will automatically be extended to all the above individuals without application for such, unless the individual should express his/her desire not to become a member in writing to the President.

Honorary Membership shall be extended to men and women of distinction who are identified with allergy and immunology or who have contributed to or evidenced special interest in the Society. They must be proposed by members and elected by a 3/4 majority of ballots cast within three (3) weeks of mailing. Honorary members shall have no vote.

Emeritus Membership shall be extended to active members who are now retired from clinical and/or academic practice. Emeritus members shall have no vote.

Membership in the John M. Sheldon University of Michigan Allergy Society may be terminated under the following conditions:

  • An Active Member may resign at any time upon notification to the administrator of the Society.
  • Matters pertaining to unethical or unbecoming conduct on the part of an Active Member will be considered by the Council and appropriate disciplinary measures, i.e., reprimand, suspension, or expulsion may be taken.
  • The Council may drop from membership any individual in arrears of dues for three (3) or more years without adequate reason. Such individuals will be notified and will be placed on inactive status. Active membership may be resumed on notification of the President and payment of dues.

The officers shall consist of the President and three Councilors. These officers will constitute a four (4) person Council.

The President shall serve for one (1) year and may not succeed himself or herself.

The function of the Secretary-Treasurer shall be assumed by the administration of the University of Michigan's Allergy Division.

The Councilors will serve four (4) years and may be re-elected to consecutive terms.

A slate of nominated candidates for Councilor will be proposed in the annual newsletter. The candidate with the most votes will be considered the newly elected Councilor.


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