Housing and Community Care Resources

Below are listings of senior independent communities in Washtenaw County. These listings provide information on each property, including rental costs or income guidelines, as well as information on some of the characteristics of each community. We make every attempt to keep information current. However, there can be changes without notice.

Always check the information at the time you are examining options. See our disclaimer statement.

Independent Housing Listings

Assisted Living Care Options

If you are interested in long-term care options, including assisted living and help in your home in Washtenaw County, we can help you find out what is offered and what decisions need to be made, discuss the best "fit" for you based upon your preferences, needs and ability to pay.

Assisted Living Care
In the state of Michigan there is no specific licensing for assisted living care. However, most care communities in Washtenaw County have either Adult Foster Care or Home for the aged licensing. Below are decision making tools to help in evaluating care residences:

The checklists below provide questions to evaluate and compare some key policies and practices of the particular place you are considering. Consider how these policies and practices will impact your family member’s comfort, safety, privacy, independence and social opportunities.

Adult Foster Care

Adult Foster Care Homes are small group homes that offer room, board and care for 6 -20 people who do not need continuous nursing care. Some AFCs may restrict occupancy to seniors with certain health conditions or abilities (some are not handicap accessible) and may offer residence to only men or only women. AFCs must have a written care agreement for each resident and follow a physician's health care plan.

Homes for the Aged

HFAs provide a living arrangement for 21 people or more who are 60 years and older. HFAs integrate shelter and services for older persons who need additional support, but who do not require continuous nursing care. Older adults with serious mental disturbances or who require intensive nursing care on a 24-hour basis cannot be accepted. They are listed in Retirement Residences.

Some HFAs specialize in providing assisted living for those with memory disorders. Here is the listing for Alzheimer's and Memory Loss Assisted Living Communities. Meals, 24-hour supervision, assistance with every day activities, as well as other services, are offered.

AFCs and HFAs are licensed by the Department of Human Services. For complaints call toll free 866-856-0126.

Medical Facilities

Nursing Homes

To offer 24-hour-a-day care, nursing homes operate under strict federal and state regulations. Nursing homes are licensed and surveyed by a state agency. Here is a listing of Nursing Homes in Washtenaw County. For more information about nursing homes, go to the Health Care Association of Michigan for a consume'rs guide on nursing homes in Michigan.

Complaints should go to: Michigan Department of Community Health, Complaint Intake toll free 800-882-6006.