Wish List

Helping Clients

Many of our clients are seniors who live at or below the poverty level and face difficult financial situations. They may go without basic necessities that ensure or improve their safety and comfort, such as home heating. When people are short on funds, they may not be able to afford a phone or pay to use public transportation.

Some clients have incomes that are just above the eligibility guidelines for a program that could assist them financially. On their limited incomes they cannot afford basic home repairs. In these cases, we must rely on donations for the needed services.

Donations that will make a difference in the lives of our clients:

  • gift certificates for groceries
  • phone cards for essential communications
  • gift certificates to stores that sell home heaters, insulating materials for winter weatherization or materials for home repairs, such as a new screen door
  • bus tokens for transportation
  • financial assistance for major household cleaning
  • financial contributions to the foreclosure loan fund

Helping the Housing Bureau for Seniors

Our operating budget covers the essentials. However, we would like to enhance our effectiveness and support our efforts to provide high-quality service to clients and the larger community. Gifts in kind are non-monetary items of tangible personal property or other physical assets that represent value to the Housing Bureau for Seniors. Examples include office equipment, office furniture, gas cards, and air miles.

If you believe you have a potential gift in kind let us know!

Please contact the Housing Bureau for Seniors to discuss how we can support your wishes.

Janet Hunko
Phone: 734-998-9337
Email: jmhunko@med.umich.edu


Thank you for your help.