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Welcome to Housing Bureau for Seniors

The Housing Bureau for Seniors works throughout Washtenaw County to enable and assist older adults with seeking and maintaining appropriate and affordable living arrangements.

The HBS is a place where people, 55 and older, can find answers to questions about housing and care options. We provide community support for seniors and caregivers seeking advice or information on planning ahead, making transitions or handling a crisis. We can put you in touch with a comprehensive network of programs and services so that you can obtain the help you need.

We understand that the multitude of housing and health care options available to seniors can be confusing and overwhelming. What assistance do you qualify for? How much will it cost to stay in your home? Is moving to a facility with 24-hour support the right choice, or should you hire live-in support? Can you remain in your neighborhood? What about access to transportation? How can you budget for future needs? Considerations range from affordability to practical matters to personal priorities.We understand.

What we do