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UCLA SCTC GI 2.0 Questionnaire

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UCLA SCTC 2.0 GI Questionnaire

The UCLA SCTC GI 2.0 Questionnaire is a self-administered survey that can be used to identify symptoms relating to gastrointestinal health. To use this survey, access one of the PDF links below and use the Scoring Guide to interpret the results.

UCLA SCTC GIT 2.0 is translated in a variety of different languages (see below). UCLA SCTC GIT 2.0 is copyrighted, so please contact Professor Dinesh Khanna at khannad@umich.edu if you wish to incorporate it in a clinical trial, or translate it into another language.

PDF English (United States)

PDF Arabic

PDF Bengali

PDF Czech

PDF Danish

PDF Dutch (Belgium)

PDF Dutch (Netherlands)

PDF English (Australia)

PDF English (Canada)

PDF English (India)

PDF English (Ireland)

PDF English (Malaysia)
PDF English (New Zealand)

PDF English (UK)

PDF Finnish
PDF French (Belgium)

PDF French (Canada)

PDF French (France)

PDF French (Switzerland)

PDF German (Austria)

PDF German (Germany)

PDF German (Switzerland)

PDF Greek

PDF Gujarati

PDF Hebrew

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PDF Hungarian

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PDF Italian (Switzerland)

PDF Japanese

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PDF Malayalam

PDF Marathi

PDF Norwegian

PDF Polish

PDF Portuguese

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PDF Russian (Israel)

PDF Simplified Chinese

PDF Spanish (Spain)

PDF Spanish (United States)

PDF Swedish

PDF Tamil (India)

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PDF Turkish

PDF Urdu

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