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Reprints for most publications are available electronically. If you cannot obtain a particular offprint and would like to receive it, please email Dr. Schnell the reference and we will send you a copy.  A list of peer-reviewed journal publications, cover articles, commentaries and editorials, chapters in books.


S. Schnell, P. K. Maini, S. Newman, T. J. Newman (editors) (2008). Multiscale modeling of developmental systems. Series: Current Topics in Developmental Biology. Volume 81. New York: Academic Press. (ISBN 978 0 12 374283 7)


S. Schnell (editor). Unravelling the function and kinetics of biochemical networks. IEE Proceedings Systems Biology Volume153, Number 1, 2006.


E. J. Crampin and S. Schnell (editors). Mathematical Modelling Techniques for Biochemical Reactions and Pathways. Progress in Biophysics and Molecular Biology Volume, 86, Issue 1, 2004.

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