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U-M team examines global cooperation and output in original biomedical research publications and funding

Researchers develop a mathematical model of a cell’s response to disease-causing unfolded proteins.


We work at the interface at the interface between biophysical chemistry, mathematical and computational biology, and pathophysiology

There is a continuum between health and disease. Dr. Schnell and his research group develop methods and models to obtain high-quality measurements with rigor, reproducibility, and robustness in the biomedical sciences. Our research in biometrology helps to detect disease earlier, understand it better and intervene more precisely. Below you will find some of our current projects.


We are deriving rate equations and developing standard based approaches to measure enzyme kinetic parameters.

The study of macromolecular crowding is indispensable for understanding cellular physiology and biochemistry. We are investigating how crowding affects quantitatively the cellular biochemistry, and qualitatively cellular physiology.

We are deciphering the control mechanism of the unfolded protein response and protein homeostasis to open new therapeutic avenues for age-associated and protein folding diseases

We are developing Standards for Reporting Enzymology Data (STRENDA) in collaboration with an international committee sponsored by the Beilstein-Institut.

The EnzymeML language is an open standard based on the XML markup language.

We investigate complex biomedical systems comprising many interacting components, where modeling and theory may aid in the identification of the key mechanisms underlying the behavior of the system as a whole.

We are developing standard-based guidelines to evaluate computational protein disorder predictions.

We are developing new metrics and models to measure and improve performance of scientists, research universities, and academic policies.


Meet the team working at the Schnell Lab. Our research group embodies physiologists, biophysicists, engineers, and mathematical scientists, working on lively and multidisciplinary teams with other research groups within the university, the USA and abroad.

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Principal Investigator


Santiago Schnell

John A. Jacquez Collegiate Professor of Physiology

Postdoctoral Fellows


Justin Eilertsen

Postdoctoral Fellow

Dynamical Systems, Nonlinear Phenomena, Applied Mathematics


Wylie Stroberg

IRACDA Postdoctoral Fellow

Mathematical Biology, Dynamical Systems, Statistical Mechanics

Graduate Students


Allison Ho Kowalsky

PhD student in Molecular & Integrative Physiology

Diabetes, Cell Signalling, Boolean Modeling


Maxwell DeNies

PhD Student in Cellular & Molecular Biology

Systems Biology, Proteomics, Cell Biology, Molecular Modeling, Metrology



Malgorzata Tyczynska

Research Associate

Dynamical Systems, Applied Mathematics, Mathematical Biology

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