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Radiation Physics
Functional Imaging Group

Yue Cao, PhD: Head of Functional Imaging Group

The Functional Imaging Group in the Department of Radiation Oncology at the University of Michigan was established in 2003. Overall goals of the group are to facilitate, promote and support quantitative functional imaging research in the Department of Radiation Oncology. Although much of our imaging research is built upon strong on-going collaborations with scientists and physicians in the Department of Radiology,

We are interested in using quantitative functional imaging biomarkers to evaluate dose and dose/volume effects on tumors and normal tissue during therapy, thereby to evaluate whether we can re-optimize individual treatment strategies.

Also, we are actively investigating the use of functional imaging to improve target definition and treatment planning. Our imaging research is tightly linked to the clinical therapy trials for individualized therapy. Our imaging research is funded by NIH grants (3P01CA59827, R21CA11369901, R21CA126137 and RO1 NS064973), and our institute and department funds.


Y. Cao, C.I. Tsien, Z. Shen, D. Tatro, R. Ten Haken, M. Kessler, T. Chenevert, T. Lawrence.  The Use of MRI to Assess Blood-Brain/Blood-Glioma Barrier Opening During a Course of Conformal Radiotherapy.  J Clinical Oncology 23:4127-4136, 2005.

Y. Cao, C. I. Tsien, V. Nagesh, L. Junck, R. Ten Haken, B. D. Ross, T. L. Chenevert, and T. S. Lawrence.  Survival prediction in high-grade gliomas by perfusion MRI prior to and during early stage of RT.  Int J Rad Onc Biol Phys 64:876-885, 2006.

Y. Cao, P. C Sundgren, C. I. Tsien, T. T. Chenevert, and L. R. Junck. Physiological and Metabolic MR Imaging In Gliomas. J Clinical Oncology 24:1228-1236, 2006.

Y. Cao, V. Nagesh, D. Hamstra, C. I. Tsien, L. Junck, Br. D. Ross, T. L. Chenevert, and T..S. Lawrence.  The extent and severity of vascular leakage as evidence of tumor aggressiveness in high-grade gliomas.  Cancer Research 66(17):8912-8917, 2006.

V. Nagesh, C. Tsien, L. Junck, T. Chenevert, Th. Lawrence, and Y. Cao. Quantitative Characterization Of Functional And Morphological Properties Of Tumor Vasculature In High-Grade Gliomas.  NMR in Biomedicine 20(6):566-577, 2007.

Group Members

Kyle McMillan Zhou Shen, MA Hesheng Wang, PhD Peng Wang, PhD

Faculty Collaborators

Balter F_Feng F_Feng Hamstra Kessler Lawrence TenHaken Tsien
Ten Haken


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