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Radiation and Cancer Biology
Lawrence Lab

Lawrence_TedTed Lawrence, MD, PhD:
Isadore Lampe Professor and Department Chair

The Lawrence laboratory can be found at Rm 4310 of the Medical Science I Building of the UM Medical School. We are part of the Cancer Biology division of the Radiaton Oncology Department.  Our lab operates in conjunction with the laboratories of Meredith Morgan, Mukesh Nyati, Dipankar Ray, and Ming Zhang. We also have a long term collaboration with the laboratory of Jonathan Maybaum in the Pharmacology Department. We do primarily translational research in the general area of radiosensitizers and radioprotectors. Within that framework are projects involving inhibitors of cell cycle checkpoints as radiosensitizers (Morgan lab), mechanistic studies involving gemcitabine, investigations of tyrosine kinase inhibitors as radiosensitizers in vivo and in vitro as well as studies of their mechanism of interactions with other agents such as radiation (Nyati lab), and development of a model for radiation-induced lung disease (Zhang/Ray lab).

Our laboratory also manages the Experimental Irradiation Core of the UM Cancer Center. Mary Davis is the contact person for information about the core.

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