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Educational Program Overview


Residents typically cover two attendings per each three month rotation. The schedule is structured so that a resident is only responsible for consultations of a single attending at any given time in clinic. Call occurs in weekly blocks, with approximately seven calls annually.

Residents also rotate through the Ann Arbor VA once during their first year of residency, and usually at least one more time during their senior rotations as a senior resident.  The VA is conveniently located one mile from the main hospital. During the senior rotation, residents also travel to Providence Hospital in Novi, MI, on Mondays and Wednesdays to perform prostate brachytherapy implants and planning with University of Michigan faculty. A university car is provided to transport you to and from Novi during this time period.

Elective Rotations

During their final year, residents will have three months of elective time. Commonly, this will be used to enhance understanding of clinical physics or dosimetry. Many residents also choose to use this time to become more experienced in a particular treatment technique or disease site.


All residents complete a full year of research during the PGY 4 year. In the interest of productivity, the residents do not have clinic responsibilities (i.e. no call, morning conference) during the research year.  In addition, most residents find time to engage in research in clinical years as well. If a resident will be presenting research at a conference, the department will cover the travel and registration expense.

Sample Schedule by Year

PGY 2 Lung/Breast Gyn/GI VA GI/CNS
PGY 3 H&N/Lung GU/Peds/Sarcoma CNS/Lymphoma/Breast VA/Prostate/Brachy
PGY 4 Research Year
PGY 5 Breast/Lung Elective H&N/Lymphoma Gyn/GI