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Medical Alumni

The Department of Radiation Oncology at the University of Michigan proudly presents our alumni and their current locations. Help us keep this information up to date: Contact Cathy Boblitt, Residency Coordinator, at ( 734) 936-8207 or

Where do residents go following graduation from the University of Michigan Residency in Radiation Oncology? From 2003-2014, 30 residents graduated from residency with 18 (82%) taking a first job following residency in an academic setting. At most recent follow-up, 12 of these 18 were still in academic positions. Academic Programs have included:


Vainshtein Zhou
Jeffrey Vainshtein, MD
Emory College of Medicine, Atlanta
Jessica Zhou, MD
Rush University, Chicago



Bassetti Hunter
Michael Bassetti, MD, PhD
University of Wisconsin, Madison
Klaudia Hunter, MD, PhD
Lowell General Hospital
and Lahey Clinic, MA
Nirav Kapadia, MD, PhD
Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center, NH



Chung Little
Eugene Chung, MD, PhD, JD
University of Southern California
Michael Little, MD
Southern Illinois Radiation Oncology
Matthew Stenmark, MD
University of Michigan Hospital (UM Faculty)



AbuIsa Brown
Eyad Abu-Isa, MD
Providence- Southfield (UM faculty)
Doris Brown, MD, PhD
Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center
Terence Williams MD, PhD
Ohio State University



Shumway Speers
Candace Correa, MD
Moffitt Cancer Center
Felix Feng, MD
U of Michigan Hospital (UM faculty)



Shumway Speers
Joseph Contessa, MD, PhD
Yale Medical Group
Kevin Oh, MD
Massachusetts General Hospital



Vainshtein Zhou
Irwin Lee, MD, PhD
Kaiser Permanente Santa Rosa
Daniel Soto, MD
Massachusetts General Hospital
Aaron Spalding, MD, PhD
Norton Healthcare, Louisville, KY



Bassetti Hunter
Mary Feng, MD
U of Michigan Hospital (UM faculty)
Alexander Lin, MD
University of Pennsylvania
Carlos López, MD
Aventura Hospital & Medical Center



Chung Little
Shaneli Fernando, MD
Toledo Radiation Oncology
Daniel Hamstra, MD, PhD
U of Michigan Hospital (UM faculty)



AbuIsa Brown
Joseph Herman, MD
John Hopkins University
Naoyuki Saito, MD
Roswell Park Cancer Institute