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Program Resources

Rotation Objectives

1. General physics and quality assurance
  A. General Physics and QA
  B. Shielding - Linac, CT, and brachytherapy
  C. Linear accelerator and algorithm commissioning
2. Treatment planning
  A. Introduction to treatment planning
3. Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy (IMRT)
  A. IMRT treatment planning
4. Brachytherapy and radiation safety (x 2)
  A. Brachytherapy Rotation
5. Special procedures - SBRT, SRS, TBI, and TSET (x 2)
  A. Special procedures
6. Imaging

Code of Ethics

  1. AAPM code of ethics

Faculty Resources

  1. End of rotation evaluation form
  2. Annual evaluation form

Resident Resources

  1. Faculty evaluations
  2. Exit survey


- Last updated 05-May-2013