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Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging: Didactic Courses

Several formal didactic courses are offered primarily for NM Fellows. These include the following:

A. Introduction to Nuclear Medicine. This course is currently presented on a 2 year cycle. Year 1 consists of required readings and didactic introductory lectures (see below); Year 2 consists of case-based material covering the same topics.

  Cardiovascular Thrall Chapters 3, 5 Corbett (Organizer)
  Cardiovascular 1 Cardiac stress testing and EKG interpretation Corbett
  Cardiovascular 2 Tracers;
Myocardial Perfusion 1
  Cardiovascular 3 Myocardial Perfusion 2; gating, attenuation correction Corbett
  Cardiovascular 4 Cardiac miscellaneous: shunt studies, infarct-avid, other Corbett
  Cardiovascular 5 PET studies of the heart Corbett
  Cardiovascular EXAM   Corbett


  Skeletal and Pulmonary Thrall Chapters 6, 7 Piert
  Skeletal 1 Tracers; Clinical bone scintigraphy 1 Piert
  Skeletal 2 Clinical bone scintigraphy 2 Piert
  Skeletal 3 Skeletal PET, bone marrow imaging Piert
  Skeletal 4 Bone mineral density Wong
  Pulmonary 1 Tracers: Pulmonary scintigraphy 1 Frey
  Pulmonary 2 Pulmonary scintigraphy 2, Quantitative VQ, PET Frey
  Skeletal and Pulmonary EXAM   Piert


  Infection and Tumor Thrall Chapters 8, 9 Gross (Organizer)
  Tumor Imaging 1 PET Tumor Imaging 1 –Basics Dwamena
  Tumor Imaging 2 PET Tumor Imaging 2 – PET/CT and cases Piert
  Tumor Imaging 3 Lymphoscintigraphy Brown
  Tumor Imaging 4 Radiolabeled Antibody Imaging Dwamena
  Tumor Therapy Radioimmunotherapy, Bone metastases, other Dwamena
  Infection Imaging Gallium/WBC/other Gross
  Tumor and Infection EXAM   Fig


  Hepatobiliary, GI and CNS Thrall Chapters 10,11, 12 Bohnen (Organizer)
  Hepatobiliary Hepatobiliary and hepatic scintigraphy 1 Brown
  GI 1 Gastric emptying, reflux, esophageal transit Fig
  GI 2 Lower GI – Bleeding, transit Brown
  CNS 1 Cerebral perfusion/brain death Frey
  CNS 2 Brain PET Frey
  CNS 3 Cisternography Frey
  Hepatobiliary, GI, CNS EXAM   Brown


  Endocrine, Genitourinary Thrall Chapters 13, 14 Avram (Organizer)
  Endocrine 1 Tracer, thyroid imaging and uptake Avram
  Endocrine 2 Graves’ disease and its treatment Avram
  Endocrine 3 Thyroid cancer and its treatment Sisson
  Endocrine 4 Adrenal and parathyroid imaging Gross
  Genitourinary 1 Tracers, diuretic renography, cystography Brown
  Genitourinary 2 Renovascular hypertension, testicular scintigraphy Brown
  Endocrine and GU EXAM   Avram

B. Basic Science in Nuclear Medicine. This annual course includes NRC required instruction in radionuclide handling, safety and regulation as well as basic aspects of radionuclide physics, isotope production, radiation detection and emission imaging. An advanced continuation of the course specifically for NM Fellows includes additional topics: radiobiology, management of radiation accidents, radioimmunoassay, determination of body composition, radiochemistry of radiotracers, tracer kinetics and distribution modeling, radiotracer dosimetry, advanced radionuclide imaging (tomography, scatter and attenuation correction, hybrid imaging) and statistics.

Recommended Reading Material

Introductory and background reading for NM Fellows is recommended from the following sources:

Ziessman HA, O’Malley, Thrall JH:  Nuclear Medicine.  The Requisites, 3rd Edition.  St Louis, MO:  Mosby, Inc.; 2005

Cherry SR, Sorenson JA, Phelps ME:  Physics in Nuclear Medicine, 3rd Edition.  Philadelphia, PA:  Saunders; 2003

Treves ST:  Pediatric Nuclear Medicine/PET, 3rd Edition. New York, NY: Springer Science+Business Media, LLC; 2007

UM Nuclear Cardiology House Officer Handbook (provided on first rotation)

Zaret BL, Beller GA:  Nuclear Cardiology.  State of the Art and Future Directions, 3rd Edition.  St. Louis, MO: Mosby Inc. 2004

Oehr P, Biersak H-J, Coleman RE:  PET and PET-CT in Oncology.  London:  Springer-Verlag; 2003

Valk PE, Bailey DL, Townsend DW, Maisey MN:  Positron Emission Tomography.  Basic Science and Clinical Practice.  London:  Springer-Verlag; 2003