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Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging: Conferences

Fellows attend and make didactic presentations at a number of regular Divisional, Departmental and Institutional conferences. Regularly occurring Nuclear Medicine and related conferences include:

NM Case Correlation Conference (Thursdays a.m.)
Radiology residents and NM Fellows present interesting or challenging cases for review by faculty, nuclear medicine fellows and radiology residents. Emphasis is placed on studies with known, confirmed pathological diagnostic outcomes, on the indication(s) and appropriateness of the studies and on correlations between nuclear medicine diagnostic appearances and those of other imaging modalities.

NM Journal Club (2- 3 Sessions/year, Tuesdays)
Nuclear medicine fellows lead the journal club discussion. A focused review of recent published literature is presented by an assigned fellow, together with a faculty mentor.

NM Protocol Review (Periodically, Thursdays a.m. – interspersed in the NM Correlation Conf schedule) 
These sessions take place beginning in September and continue through the year and are led by a nuclear medicine fellow and an assigned faculty mentor.  The current indications, procedures and interpretation schemes for studies performed in the Division are reviewed and updated. 

Radiology Noon Conference (12:00 p.m. - 1:30 p.m. daily)
This conference is the major didactic source of training for radiology residents.  Nuclear medicine fellows are invited to attend, and are responsible for preparing and delivering a topical NM lecture approximately once per year. NM faculty give presentations in rotation approximately twice per month. Nuclear Medicine fellows are particularly encouraged to attend the Radiology Noon Conference when the topic being presented is one of the “Beyond Imaging” topics, dealing with ethical, practice-based and career-related issues.

CT Conference (Fridays a.m.) 
This conference focuses on interesting and “classic” examples of cross-setional anatomic findings and is presented by CT Fellows and Radiology Residents throughout the year. Nuclear Medicine Fellows are encouraged to attend to expand knowledge of structural anatomic imaging.  In addition, each NM fellow delivers one conference session per year on a hybrid imaging topic (PET/CT or SPECT/CT).

Tumor Boards  (various times, usually weekly meetings) 
A variety of Multidisciplinary Tumor Boards are held at the University of Michigan Hospitals as well as one at the VA to review data and make diagnostic and therapeutic recommendations for management of individual patient cases. When on an appropriate clinical rotation, NM fellows attend at least one Tumor Board on a regular basis together with a faculty mentor.