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Cerebral Angiogram


Cerebral angiograms provide a roadmap of the blood vessels of the brain. Physicians use this blood vessel roadmap to determine how a particular patient’s brain is supplied with blood and how to best proceed with the course of treatment.


hCerebral Angiogram – The procedure for a cerebral angiogram requires that a small tubed catheter, similar to a long piece of spaghetti, be placed in an artery in the groin area. Prior to catheter placement, patients can be given local anesthesia with sedation medication to keep them comfortable. After anesthesia has been taken care of and the catheter is inside the artery; the catheter is navigated under image guidance up to the vessels of the head and neck. Once the catheter has been stabilized then contrast dye is allowed to flow through the catheter for a short period. While the dye is moving through the blood vessels a special x-ray camera or fluoroscope takes pictures of the blood vessels.