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Michigan Radiology Interest Group

What is Radiology?

The medical imaging specialty:

Who are Radiologists?

We are the medical imaging experts. Radiologists have specialized knowledge in every field of medicine—from normal anatomy to diagnosis, pathophysiology and response to therapy—and how to image and even treat it. We are consultants to all kinds of specialists in daily clinical work and at weekly tumor boards.

Who are our Patients?

Kids and adults, healthy people undergoing screening, trauma victims, surgical patients, cancer patients—you name it! Imaging is central to modern medicine, so we see almost every interesting case in the medical center.

What Skills Are Useful in Radiology?

What Kind of Training Do Radiologists Have?

Many radiologists are fellowship trained. Our department offers the following fellowships:


Radiology Myths

"You have no patient contact"
Subspecialties like Breast Imaging, Nuclear Medicine, GI/GU fluoroscopy, Ultrasound, Pediatric and Interventional Radiology involve daily, direct patient contact; some even run clinics and care for inpatients. Most areas perform some types of procedures. In other areas patient contact is limited. You can tailor your practice to your preference.

"You will be exposed to harmful radiation"
This is not a major issue in the modern era. We minimize radiation exposure by use of shielding and proper technique during fluoroscopy, and wear badges for monthly monitoring. There is no evidence of increased cancer or other health risks in radiologists employed since the 1950s according to the NIH.

"You have to be a computer genius"
A wide range of people are successful in radiology, from programmers to mere mortals. We use computers every day, but you probably do too! We have 24 hour technical support in the department for
when things go wrong.

"You have to have a PhD in Physics"
You made it into medical school and you can easily learn imaging physics—much of it you already know. Understanding of physics allows us to protect our patients and ourselves while optimizing diagnostic quality. Of course our medical physicists do have PhD's!


What You Might Like About Radiology

Contributing to the care of many patients

Daily variety


Control over your schedule


Many medical students have limited experience with radiology before their M4 years, and by then they have chosen other specialties. We want you to make an informed decision, selecting the specialty that is the best fit for you and your talents.