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About Us

The University of Michigan Department of Radiology was established in 1913 and now provides radiology services for the University of Michigan Health System, the University Health Service and the VA Ann Arbor Healthcare System. Read about the Distinguished History of Radiology at the University of Michigan.



The delivery of cost-effective, high-quality health care is the primary activity of our medical center. We provide prompt, courteous, expert and compassionate service to our patients and consulting physicians. Our most important activities are our clinical care responsibilities to our patients.



As part of a university medical school, we have an obligation to disseminate medical information to the health care community, including medical students, residents, fellows, nurses, technologists, other scientists, and practicing physicians in the University and local medical communities. Along with the responsibility for teaching comes the responsibility for learning – and to educate ourselves in the important advances in our field.



To make major strides in both our patient care and teaching activities, it is essential to conduct research. Our research investigations are designed to discover new information about health, disease pathophysiology, diagnosis and treatment as well as teaching methods and the efficient delivery of health care.

The field of radiology has benefited from a technology explosion, which has given it a unique and dynamic position in health care. These powerful techniques also may be applied to non-medical problems and may be the basis for collaboration with other basic sciences within the University.

In carrying out our mission, we have responsibility not only to all members of our department but also to the University community to conduct our activities in a responsible, forthright and fair manner.           


Patient Care

We perform more than 500,000 examinations at UMHS every year.

We provide imaging services at:

We provide image-guided medical interventions at University Hospital and the Cardiovascular Center.

We also provide radiology services at: