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Theme Two: Enhancing Support from Informal Caregivers

Enhancing Patient-to-Patient (Peer) Support

Department of Veterans Affairs: Telephone Peer Support for Insulin Management Among VA Diabetes Patients. 4/1/2005 – 3/31/2009. John Piette (PI); Michele Heisler (Co-PI).

National Heart Lung and Blood Institute/National Institutes of Health: Mobilizing Peer Support for Effective Congestive Heart Failure Self-Management. 7/1/2006 – 6/30/2010. Michele Heisler (PI); John Piette (Co-PI).

Leveraging the Support of Family and Friends

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Michigan Foundation:  Enhancing Caregiver Support for Older Heart Failure Patients:  The CarePartner Pilot Study, 9/1/06 – 8/31/08, John Piette (PI), Mary Ann Gregor (Co-I), Michele Heisler (Co-I).

University of Michigan Geriatrics Center:  Enhancing Caregiver Support for Chronically Ill Older Adults, 9/1/06 – 8/31/08, John Piette (PI), Mary Ann Gregor (Co-I), Michele Heisler (Co-I).

VA Quality Enhancement Research Initiative:  Enhancing Caregiver Support for VA Patients with Diabetes, 10/1/07 – 3/31/08, Mary Ann Gregor (PI), John Piette (Co-I).

VA Health Services Research and Development Program: Enhancing Informal Caregiver Support to Improve Heart Failure Self-Care (IIR 07-185), 7/1/08 – 6/30/12, $840,700, John Piette (PI).