Sigrid J. Dixon, Ph.D.

Dr. Dixon was a Postdoctoral Research Fellow in the Division of Substance Abuse and Addiction Research Center, Department of Psychiatry. He holds the Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology from Michigan State University. His dissertation examined the causal relationship between attitudes that reflect resilience and coping behaviors among a population of at-risk and not-at-risk African American College students, and the moderating role of select psychosocial and cultural factors in this relationship. Dr. Dixon's research interests include investigating the role of religion, spirituality, religious / spiritual coping, and culturally-salient folk values and beliefs in the treatment and recovery process among African American children, adolescents and young adults who present with alcoholism risk as well as problems in adjustment and related mental health challenges (e.g., history of trauma). He is also interested in identifying and studying resilience in this population and the factors that protect against the development of alcoholism (e.g. cognitive and behavioral elements of functioning such as attitude, motivation, and resourcefulness, etc.).

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