Krzysztof Ostaszewski, Ph.D.

Dr. Ostaszewski received his doctorate from the University of Warsaw, Department of Education. His primary research focus is on pre-interventive and intervention programming of drug/alcohol abuse and the effectiveness of prevention programs for children and adolescents. He is interested in identifying protective and risk factors in adolescent problem behaviors which can be modified by educational strategies.

Dr. Ostaszewski is Head of the Youth Prevention Unit in the Department of Mental Health Promotion, at the Institute of Psychiatry and Neurology in Warsaw, Poland. During his professional career, he was involved in several projects aimed at development and dissemination of evidence-based alcohol and drug prevention programs for children and adolescents in Poland. One of them, conducted in cooperation with the University of Minnesota, resulted in the Polish version of the Slick Trace Home Team Program (a part of Project Northland), an American alcohol prevention program targeting 10-11 year olds and their parents.

As a Research Fellow within the Fogarty International Substance Abuse Research Program, Dr. Ostaszewski was involved in: (1) The Flint Adolescent Study, a longitudinal research project focused on exploring the protective factors associated with adolescent development and problem behavior and (2) The Fathers and Sons Project, a prevention project focused on African American non-resident fathers and their pre-adolescents sons. Upon his return to Poland, he began the Warsaw Adolescent Study on Resiliency which has resulted in several publications. While conducting this project, he has mentored numerous students and early-career researchers.



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