Bret Fuller, Ph.D.

Bret Fuller was a postdoc on the UMARC training grant. He now works at the Oregon Health Science University in Portland, Oregon in the Department of Public Health and Preventative Medicine. Dr. Fuller is a member of the Oregon Node of the Clinical Trials Network, a research network sponsored by the National Institute on Drug Abuse that examines treatment approaches to substance abuse. He is the lead coordinator for the Baseline Study which surveys all the treatment units in the CTN. He is also a project manager for a CTN protocol entitled "HIV and HCV RISK REDUCTION INTERVENTIONS IN DRUG DETOXIFICATION AND TREATMENT SETTINGS" that examines strategies for moving detoxification completers into long term substance abuse treatment. Dr. Fuller is also working with the Cascade AIDS Project in Portland to examine prevention approaches to reducing HIV risk behaviors in gay and bisexual men and people of color.


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