PHS Students

My favorite lesson was the fruit salsa and what colors of fruit we are suppose to eat. I liked it because it was fun cutting up the fruits and trying it.

Three things I learned were: You are suppose to get 30 minutes of exercise each day. The serving size for chips is way smaller than ¼ of a bag. They get famous people to try and get you to buy their product!

Now I get 40 minutes of exercise every day and I make fruit salsa for my family, and we eat

I really like everything we learned. It was fun! My favorite lesson was when we learned about how much fat was in stuff. It was crazy how much fat is in something so small. I also liked it when we made up the commercial.

I learned a lot! One of the things I learned is not everything is bad for you at fast food places. Another thing I learned was that serving size for chips is less than ¼ of the bag. The last thing I learned was that fruit & veggie salsa is good!

I think all of this stuff will make me think and choose even more healthy choices! Thank you sooooo much!!

My favorite lesson that you taught was when we did the skits. It was really fun! I also enjoyed when we played MOVE! I moved a lot! One change I put into my life was smaller portions of food, I really enjoy it! I am also eating fruit for snack everyday at school.

I thought that the PHS overview was the most fun activity that we did. It was really fun and it helped us remember the things you taught us. I also liked the Assessing Advertising lesson. It helped us learn not to get everything on TV that looks good. Thank you for teaching us.

I learned that every day you’re supposed to get 30–60 minutes of exercise. I also learned that you’re supposed to eat a balanced meal every meal but it is okay to have a healthy snack. Thank you for teaching us all this information. You taught us all about food and making healthy choices. You also taught us about not spending too much screen time.

Because of you I am going to make healthier choices. I am also going to spend less screen time every day. I will exercise more too. Thank you so much for coming and teaching us. Have a great year!


I have to tell you that my 6th grader is now Miss Healthy Eater. She won’t let me drive near a fast food restaurant. She reads labels all the time, eats lots of salads and fruits and never hesitates to comment on the eating habits of mom, dad and little sister. ("You’re going to eat THAT??!!")

She did not do such a great job with the pedometer, but I think that’s only because it interfered with her 6th grade fashion statement. (it also wasn&squo;t that clear to me and maybe to her as well, what the expectation was in terms of wearing the pedometer), Nonetheless she is more conscientious about exercise as well. In addition, her little sister (7½), started wearing the pedometer this weekend after seeing me wear mine as part of the Active U program. She proudly recorded over 13,000 steps yesterday (including a 3 mile walk with me in the cold). She is my natural competitor and wore the pedometer to Wines school today. We’re going to compare steps when we get home. I expect many of her classmates will soon want pedometers too...so maybe you’ll need to expand to elementary schools.

I do appreciate the program!! Keep up the great work!!

Wanted to let you know how much of an impact your talk with the students at King had:

My daughter was with her dad as he was picking up milk and some items and she convinced him to NOT get the 2% that we usually buy. (She wanted skim, he wanted 2% and they negotiated to 1%). She gave an eloquent argument as to why we would be healthier and is more intent on eating a balanced diet (something we always have talked about and tried to work on as an interesting project that the whole family should be aware and involved in.)

She was quite taken with your talk and is teaching us from it as well! Pretty cool huh?! Thanks so much.


A Scarlett 6th grader took the PHS message to heart and increased her daily physical activity by walking and running plus she changed her eating habits. Her teachers, Joan Grissing (6th grade teacher) and Mr. Cerniglia (PE teacher) were amazed by her persistence. She lost weight and gained a healthier lifestyle and outlook.

Thank to each and every one of you. Friday’s 6th Grade Field Day was a great success. The weather was perfect. We had just the right amount of water and watermelon. The students were in a great mood and practically organized themselves! AND You all ROCKED! Thanks so much for your help, your smiles, your teamwork!

Thank you Project Healthy Schools for inviting FSEP to have a table at the field events at Slauson and Forsythe.

They were wonderfully organized and very fun events and we really enjoyed the opportunity to share some farm fresh foods and connect with students and staff.

In one particular class, Mrs. Karen Meyer, a vibrant and enthusiastic teacher commented that this year her students were very complacent and unenthusiastic about EVERYTHING! Unwilling to participate in school fund raising contests, bored with new material and unenthusiastic about exciting new programs, she doubted they would participate in the 10 activities that are taught for PHS. She was assigned a young woman in her first year of medical school, Anuja Jain, who embraced these children and PHS with such enthusiasm and excitement, that with her weekly visit and the constant encouragement of both her and Mrs. Meyer, her class of 20 students rallied to win the PHS Healthy Tracker competition! Students logged their exercise minutes for one week, their fruit and vegetable selections for lunch for another week, and finally their beverage selection during the third week. Each advisory classroom in the 6th grade competed against each other for total points as a class. Mrs. Meyer’s and Anuja’s classroom was awarded the PHS cup trophy and a fruit smoothie party for their efforts!

Health Ambassadors

This was very inspiring to me personally to make improvements in my own habits. There were many hands on activities that I believe may have created some strong visual images for the kids (amount of sugar in a soda, the large blobs of fat in various foods, the models of fat vs. muscle). I think these might stay with the kids and motivate them to make better choices.

The most positive part of the experience is interacting with the kids and knowing that some of them really care about getting healthier.

I loved how the program worked to empower the kids to have the knowledge to be able to make their own well informed decisions about their health. It was a really fun experience and it was a pleasure working with the kids!

I very much enjoy the fact that the Health Ambassadors have the opportunity to get involved in a broad range of activities outside of the classroom. I think PHS is a very comprehensive program.

The kids’ enthusiasm and willingness to actively participate in all the discussions was great.