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While the social media for business use policy was created to define a process for ensuring departments and units use of social media is in line with institutional marketing and communications goals, understanding how to execute your social media strategy is important.

Below you'll find a selection of resources to help you understand what you are about to get yourself into, get your creative juices flowing, better understand how to target and engage your audiences effectively, and manage your time while doing it.

Before you begin

What is Social Media? (Wikipedia)

Watch this video about the growth and impact of social media:

Understand what is already available for you to use at UMHS before deciding to create a new presence by reviewing the Social Media Platforms page.

Getting started

How to Develop a Social Media Content Strategy (Social Media Examiner)

Social Media Site Adminstrator Repsonsibilities (UMHS)

Social Media Terms, Conditions and Disclaimer (UMHS)

Managing your platform(s)

U-M's stance on deleting negative comments is as follows:

"As within any forum established by the University, speech within social media forums established by the University are protected by the First Amendment of the US Constitution. We cannot prohibit speech within the forum merely because we disagree with it or because we don't like it. We can, however create forums designed to address specific subjects and remove speech that is not appropriate for that forum. What this means is that we can establish a forum for the public for colloquy around some particular subject (e.g., patient care, anthropology, Buddhist art), but we cannot limit that discussion to a particular viewpoint of the subject (e.g., only positive comments of patient care at the University, only comments that support more funding for the anthropology department, only comments critical of Buddhist art.). We can certainly create neutral rules of general applicability (e.g., no obscenities or vulgarities; posts must be on subject; no unlawful activity; no more than X number of posts in a day; no more than X number of posts in a row, etc.)." ~ Jack Bernard


Current page administrators for any official UMHS Facebook page should join the UMHS FB Admins group to discuss issues, share best practices and stay up-to-date on changes as they occur on Facebook. Here are a few tips below.

News and research articles

Related UMHS policy

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