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SoMetoolkitBest Practices

Successful use of social media hinges on how well you know your audience and if you have defined goals that are realistic and achievable based on your business objectives.

You must understand where you want to go - your goals - before you can determine how best to get there, or even if you've reached them.

Once your goals are defined and you know who your audience is, there are many tried and true methods for helping you succeed. Being adept at navigating the various technical aspects of the platforms can also have an enourmous effect on your overall results.

Here you'll find an ever-growing list of resources for best practices and tools to help you on your journey. These are just a few to help get you started. If you have any suggested additions, please send them to Public Relations and Marketing Communications.

Suggested links

Hospital best practices for Social Media - Tracks use of social media across health care organization nationwide and shares best practices

Mayo Clinic Center for Social Media - New site offers best practices and case studies for health care

Social Media Examiner - Excellent resource for the how-tos of social media

Hospitals and Facebook: A Case Study


Hootsuite - monitor and manage multiple Facebook and Twitter feeds, schedule posts, track stats.

TweetDeck - monitor and manage multiple Facebook and Twitter feeds.

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