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September 2005 (partial list)

Sept. 29 - New Engage clinical research site in Detroit News, Ann Arbor News

Today, the Engage clinical research web site is officially being launched to the public, through public relations, advertising and other communications coordinated by the Public relations & Marketing Communications department in conjunction with the Center for the Advancement of Clinical Research. The first news story to appear is in the Detroit News, which has this story on the front page of their business section along with two photos. The Ann Arbor News will also have a story today. Read the UMHS press release here, or read it in Spanish on the new U-M En Espanol portal here.

Sept. 27 - Dr. Morgenstern's stroke study in the news

Several news stories are appearing and airing today on a new study on women and stroke, published in the new issue of Neurology by a team led by U-M Stroke Program director Lewis Morgenstern, M.D., Neurology/Neurosurgery/Emergency Medicine/Epidemiology. The study finds that women stroke patients are less likely than men to receive crucial tests that can assess their risk for a second stroke and help plan the best treatment. The Scripps Howard Newswire, HealthDay news service, and MedPage Today web site for health professionals have all carried stories, as have Michigan Radio and WWJ-AM. Read the UMHS press release on the study here.

Sept. 26 - Dr. Fontana quoted in LA Times

Robert J. Fontana, M.D., associate professor in the Department of Internal Medicine and Medical Director of Liver Transplantation, is quoted in a story appearing in today's Los Angeles Times The story looks at finding better ways to detect, prevent and treat severe liver injury. It highlights a national study of liver damage caused by medicines and alternative therapies that is being led by the University of Michigan Health System. Read the study press release online.

October - Drs. Chepeha, Teknos featured in Hour Detroit

Doug Chepeha, M.D., and Ted Teknos, M.D., both Cancer Center/Otolaryngology, are profiled in the October issue of Hour Detroit magazine for their treatment of a patient with a type of head and neck cancer. The complicated surgery restructed the patient's eye socket using a flap of tissue from his forearm. Not only is the patient cancer-free but the cosmetic results are stunning. The October issue features the magazine's annual list of top doctors in southeast Michigan. Ninety U-M doctors are on the list, representing 47 specialties of medicine. In addition, the magazine ranked U-M one of the top hospitals overall in 14 of 17 specialties. The October issue is on newstands now.

Sept. 26 - Dr. Henke on Cheney surgery

Vice President Dick Cheney's aneurysm surgery this past weekend gave U-M vascular surgeon a chance to educate the public about the link between heart disease and aneurysms through the media. Peter Henke, M.D., Vascular Surgery/Cardiovascular Center, gave an interview to the WebMD newswire that has been picked up by other news outlets, including the Fox News web site. He also worked with Public Relations on a press release that is being used by health web sites, and led to a story on the Fox NewsEdge service that sends stories to TV stations around the country.

Sept. 23 - Dr. Liberzon in Associated Press

A U-M expert in post-traumatic stress disorder, Israel Liberzon, M.D., Psychiatry, is quoted in an Associated Press national story on the psychological aftermath of Hurrican Katrina, nearly one month after it struck Louisiana and Mississippi. Read the story, which is being used by many news outlets.

Sept. 22 - Dr. Chinnaiyan on World News Tonight, in Wall Street Journal

A study by Cancer Center researchers published in today's New England Journal of Medicine is generating national media attention. Arul Chinnaiyan, M.D., Ph.D., Cancer Center/Pathology/Urolgoy, appeared on ABC's World News Tonight discussing the study, which identified a potential new screening test for prostate cancer. Approximately 8 million households tune in to World News Tonight. Chinnaiyan is also quoted in the Wall Street Journal, among others. Ken Pienta, M.D., Cancer Center/Urology, is also in the news for this study. He is quoted in stories in the Detroit Free Press, Detroit News, Bloomberg News and others. Read the U-M press release to learn more about the study.

Sept. 21 - Dr. J. Fink in Arizona Republic

A moving story in today's issue of the Arizona Republic newspaper describes two young patients who traveled from the Phoenix area to be treated by John Fink, M.D., Neurology, for a rare neurogenetic disorder. Their mother found her way to Dr. Fink after coming across an 11-year-old Los Angeles Times article that quoted him. Read the story online here

October - Dr. Sabel in Ladies' Home Journal

Research by Michael Sabel, M.D., Cancer Center/General Surgery, was featured in the October issue of Ladies' Home Journal. In a comprehensive article on breast cancer treatment, Sabel provides an update on cryoablation, an experimental surgical technique he is currently testing that freezes small, early stage tumors rather than removing them. Ladies' Home Journal has a circulation of 4.1 million. Read a press release from 2004 about cryoablation.

Sept. 20 - Dr. Chames in Detroit News

Talking to a doctor is one of several steps that medical experts say more people should take toward having a healthy pregnancy and baby before even attempting to conceive, says the cover story in the Detroit News' weekly Health and Fitness section. "It's probably a good idea to get in and speak with a physician prior to conceiving, so you can go through family and medical histories and identify any problem areas," Mark Chames, M.D., assistant professor of obstetrics and gynecology, says in the article. The story also features one of Dr. Chames' patients.

September 19 - Dr. Markel in TIME-Asia

An article published in this week's Asia edition of Time Magazine takes a look at the flu pandemic of 1918. Howard Markel, M.D., Ph.D., director of the Center for the History of Medicine was quoted in the story, saying 'It was a perfect storm for a terrible epidemic.'

Sept. 19 - Dr. Lucchesi in Wall St. Journal, AP, more

As an expert witness for the plaintiff in the second Vioxx court case to reach trial, Benedict Lucchesi, Ph.D., Pharmacology, has been giving testimony that has caught the interest of the national news media covering the trial. In stories in the Wall Street journal, Associated Press and CBS Marketwatch newswire today, and in stories from the Associated Press and Philadelphia Inquirer over the weekend, Lucchesi discusses the heart risks from Vioxx.

Sept. 18 - Dr. Carli in Ann Arbor News

In an Ann Arbor News article focusing on the rising demand among businesses for disease management programs, Tom Carli, M.D., medical director of the Medical Management Center and Disease Management Programs, says disease management represents the "next generation'' of managed health care. He also talks about UMHS plans to standardize how it handles disease management when treating chronic diseases such as Diabetes, heart failure, depression and asthma and other chronic illnesses.

Sept. 18 - Dr. Myklebust in USA Weekend

Monica Myklebust, M.D., offers advice on better breathing as part of a feature in USA Weekend's "Women's Health Report." In the article "11 ways to find your energy," Myklebust suggests taking a deep belly breath. "People are so overwhelmed by everything they think they must do that they rarely take time to breathe," says Myklebust, director of the U-M Integrative Medicine's Clinical Services and an assistant professor in the Department of Family Medicine. USA Weekend is circulated with more than 600 newspapers each week and goes to 51.5 million readers.

Sept. 15 - Dr. Hussain in Wall Street Journal, AP

Maha Hussain, M.D., Cancer Center/Hematology-Oncology/Urology, is quoted in an article appearing in the Wall Street Journal as well as in an Associated Press story about an FDA panel recommending approval of the drug Tarceva to treat pancreatic cancer. Dr. Hussain was part of the panel voting to issue the recommendation.

Sept. 15 - Dr. Geiger in Ann Arbor News

James Geiger, M.D., Pediatric Surgery/Cancer Center, is featured in a story in the Ann Arbor News. Dr. Geiger will be participating in the Bristol-Myers Squibb Tour of Hope, a cross-country bike ride to raise awareness for cancer research. The UMHS community celebrated with a mid-day event Sept. 14 in the courtyard. The Tour of Hope begins Sept. 29 in San Diego. Read the U-M press release.

Sept. 14 - Dr. Menees in Chicago Tribune

A UMHS Division of Gastroenterology study, led by Stacy Menees, M.D., clinical lecturer, is featured in the "To Your Health" section of today's Chicago Tribune. The study, published in the August issue of Gastrointestinal Endoscopy, found that 43 percent of women preferred a female colonoscopist in a primary care setting - and most would be willing to wait and pay more for one. Read the press release online.

Sept. 14 - Dr. Kileny on "Good Morning America"

Can you hear me now? New research suggests that popular portable music players, such as iPods, are causing increased rates of hearing loss among young people. Paul Kileny, Ph.D., director of audiology and electrophysiology in the Department of Otolaryngology, commented on the trend and the Purdue research for a segment on "Good Morning America." Kileny says people are causing great damage to their ears by listening to loud music through headphones, especially when the volume is so high that others can hear the music.

Sept. 14 - Larry Warren's retirement in the news

The news that Larry Warren will retire from his post as director and CEO of the U-M Hospitals & Health Centers and from the university he has served for 29 years is featured today in Crain's Detroit Business, the Detroit News, the Detroit Free Press and the Ann Arbor News. Read the UMHS press release here.

September issue - Dr. Rosen in AARP Bulletin

One of the most widely circulated publications in America, the AARP Bulletin, has a story in its September issue about research led by Allison Rosen, M.D., General Medicine. The magazine's 22 million readers can learn about the research paper published in July by Rosen and her colleagues from U-M and the Ann Arbor VA, showing that medicines called ACE inhibitors are so effective at preventing complications from diabetes that they should be made available for free to appropriate patients, to ensure that cost no longer inhibits patients from taking them. The study supports a general concept called the "benefit based co-pay" that has been developed and studied by U-M researchers. The AARP Bulletin story isn't available online, but the UMHS press release about Rosen's study is available here.

Sept. 7 - Horace Davenport in the New York Times

Horace Davenport , who was chairman of the Medical School's Department of Physiology from 1956 to 1978, and who laid a foundation for more effective ulcer treatments, was remembered today in an obituary published in the New York Times . Dr. Davenport died Aug. 29 in his home in Ann Arbor at age 92. Obituaries were also published in the University Record , Ann Arbor News , Detroit Free Press , Detroit News and through the AP wire service. Read the UMHS press release here.

Sept. 7 - Dr. Arnedt in Reuters, BBC, more

A new paper in the Journal of the American Medical Association by J. Todd Arnedt , Ph.D., Psychiatry/Neurology, and his former colleagues at Brown University is making headlines internationally today. The paper shows that medical residents who have just completed overnight shifts and a month of "heavy call" duty are just as impaired at tests of driving skills, attention and vigilance as residents who have just completed a month of light daytime-only duty. The study is featured in stories on the Reuters , BBC , Ivanhoe , WebMD and Scripps Howard newswires, as well as in the online editions of Scientific American and the Nursing Times. Read the UMHS press release here.

Sept. 7 - Drs. Mukherji, Patel in Diagnostic Imaging

In a nice coincidence, two U-M radiologists are quoted in two articles in the new issue of Diagnostic Imaging magazine, a major publication for the medical imaging community. Smita Patel , M.D., is quoted and her research cited in a story about non-heart problems discovered on CT scans of the heart and Suresh Mukherji , M.D., chief of neuroradiology, is quoted in an article on the many uses of the new 64-slice CT machines in brain imaging and beyond. Read the press release about Dr. Patel's research here and about U-M's new 64-slice CT scanner here .

Michigan Difference ad campaign in the news

The Michigan Difference advertising campaign, which features everyday heroes from the U-M Health System, is featured in articles in the Ann Arbor News, the Detroit Free Press and AdWeek. The campaign was unveiled this week to employees and will run during the Sept. 3 U-M football game. Doctors, nurses, staff members and patients are spotlighted in the print, TV and radio ads. “What is so unique and wonderful about the Michigan Difference campaign is that it tells the real stories of patients and families, and faculty and staff,” says Robert P. Kelch, M.D., executive vice president for medical affairs. Read more at


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