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For October, 2006

Oct. 31 - Richard Miller in The New York Times

Richard A. Miller, M.D., Ph.D. (Geriatrics Center) is featured in today's lead story in the "Science Times" section of The New York Times. Called "One for the Ages: A Prescription That May Extend Life," the story takes an in-depth look at how calorie restriction can extend life and improve health in different types of animals. Will it work for humans? That remains to be seen. If you are registered for online access, you can read the story here.

Oct. 26 - Howard Markel quoted on All Things Considered

In an interview on National Public Radio's afternoon news program All Things Considered, Howard Markel, M.D., Ph.D., professor of the history of medicine, discussed how flu pandemic strategies from 1918 can be successfully applied if a flu pandemic were to strike today. The story also discussed this week's two-day workshop sponsored by the Institute of Medicine in which medical historians, including Dr. Markel, presented data to experts on what worked and what didn't in the past. The IOM will compile a report and recommendations to the government as a result of this workshop.

Oct. 26 - Dr. Donn discusses March of Dimes on WAAM 1600

Steven Donn, M.D., director of Neonatal-Perinatal Medicine and professor of Pediatrics and Communicable Diseases, was live on WAAM (1600 AM Ann Arbor) to discuss the March of Dimes Signature Chefs Auction, taking place on Monday, Nov. 6. Donn, the Honorary Chair for the sold-out event, was interviewed by radio host Lucy Ann Lance, along with "Holden Mom" Jessica Reed and Hilary Simmet, the special events coordinator from the March of Dimes. The March of Dimes focuses on prevention and treatment of prematurity, and is set to hold its annual awareness walk on Prematurity Awareness Day, Nov. 14.

Oct. 26 - David Stern discusses professionalism in NEJM

In today's edition of the New England Journal of Medicine, David Stern, M.D., Ph.D., associate professor of internal medicine and medical education, co-authored a review article describing the problems with and success in trying to teach one of the core values of medicine, professionalism. As we better define professionalism, Stern says, it becomes easier to teach. The article is one in a series the journal is doing on medical education.

Oct. 24 - Dr. Richardson, Bridget Schlaff in Detroit News

Sit up straight. Look away from your computer every 20 minutes, about 20 feet away, for 20 seconds. And when you're bringing food to the office for your coworkers to share, make sure it's something healthy. Those are some of the tips in a story in the Detroit News about "cubicle zen," or ways of staying happy and healthy at work if your job primarily involves sitting at a computer. The story quotes Caroline Richardson, M.D., assistant professor of family medicine and a research assistant at the VA Ann Arbor Healthcare System; Bridget Schlaff, an occupational therapy clinical specialist with MWorks; and Jill Bowdler and Karen Revill, staff members in the Department of Family Medicine. Schlaff is pictured in the story, as are Kristin Parrish and Christine DuBois of Nutrition Services.

Oct. 18 - Jennifer Holmes in Wall Street Journal

A column in today's Wall Street Journal looks at the rising issue of "boarding" in the nation's emergency departments -- the practice of holding patients in the emergency area for hours or even overnight until a bed becomes available for them elsewhere in the hospital. The column looks at innovative steps taken by some medical centers -- including UMHS -- to reduce the number of patients who need to be "boarded", to move patients through the ED and hospital more efficiently, and to make the boarding experience as bearable as possible. Jennifer Gegenheimer-Holmes, RN, BSN, MHSA, Director of ED Operations in the Department of Emergency Medicine, is quoted extensively in the story, which is available online to subscribers only here. (Copies of the story are available upon request from Public Relations, x42220.) U-M Hospitals & Health Centers Chief Operating Officer Tony Denton, JD, also spoke to the reporter, about efforts being made throughout UMHS to increase hospital capacity.

Oct. 17 - Drs Hayward, Vijan, Hofer in NY Times

A major story in the Science section of today's New York Times focuses on a recent paper by Drs. Rodney Hayward, Sandeep Vijan and Timothy Hofer of General Medicine and the VA Health Services Research and Development center at the VA Ann Arbor Healthcare System. The paper calls into question the value of super-low LDL cholesterol targets recently introduced by the federal government, and is based on a comprehensive review and analysis of the literature on LDL cholesterol and patient outcomes. Read the story online here (free registration required). Read the UMHS press release on the paper, which is in the October issue of the Annals of Internal Medicine, here.

Oct. 9 - Children's, Women's groundbreaking in Ann Arbor News, more

The C.S. Mott Children's Hospital and Women's Hospital groundbreaking has enjoyed the local media spotlight for more than a week. News coverage has ranged from three stories in the Ann Arbor News to radio interviews on WJR (950 AM), WAAM (1600 AM) and all three Ann Arbor Clear Channel radio stations (W4 Country 102.9, WTKA 1050 AM, and 107.1 FM). On Saturday, the groundbreaking event was the lead local-section story in the Ann Arbor News. In addition to interviews with patient families, this story also featured photos of the 5W singers during their on-air performance with 107.1 FM. Today, stories appear in the Michigan Daily and the University Record.

Other groundbreaking stories include:

  • Oct. 3 Ann Arbor News
  • Sept. 23 Ann Arbor News
  • An interview on Oct. 6 with Dr. Kelch on WJR's (760 AM) Frank Beckmann show
  • An interview with Pat Warner on Oct. 6 with WAAM's (1600 AM) Lucy Ann Lance
  • More than 40 live interviews on Oct. 6 in the Mott Lobby with children's and women's faculty, staff, patients, families and donors on the three Clear Channel Radio stations

Oct 6. - Three radio stations broadcasting live from Mott lobby to celebrate groundbreaking

Tune in today to Ann Arbor's three Clear Channel radio station - W4 Country (102.9 FM), Ann Arbor's 107.1 FM and Sports Talk WTKA (1050 AM) to hear your colleagues, patients and families on air. The stations are broadcasting live today from the Mott Lobby to celebrate the groundbreaking for the new C.S. Mott Children's Hospital and Women's Hospital facility. If you're not near a radio, you can listen live online to 107.1

For more details about today's groundbreaking events

Oct. 2/4 - Dr. Hayward's study on CNN, more

A new study led by Rodney Hayward, M.D., General Medicine/VA, is making headlines this week because it questions the national goal of ultra-low LDL cholesterol levels. In a paper published in the Annals of Internal Medicine, Dr. Hayward and his colleagues Sandeep Vijan and Timothy Hofer analyzed current evidence and found that it supports the broad use of statin drugs, rather than a specific LDL goal. The study was featured Monday night in a report on CNN, and was picked up by the national Scripps Howard News Service, whose story ran Tuesday in the Detroit News . Dr. Hayward was interviewed on the Michigan Talk Radio Network Wednesday morning, and more stories in other news outlets are expected in coming days. Read the UMHS press release on this study here.

Oct. 2 - Dr. Dombkowski on front page of Detroit News

The front page of today's Detroit News has a story with an important message to parents who have children with asthma: Get them vaccinated against the flu each year. The story includes information from a recent study conducted by the Child Health Evaluation Research (CHEAR) Unit in the Division of General Pediatrics, which found that fewer than 25 percent of children with asthma are getting an annual flu shot. Study lead author Kevin Dombkowski, DrPH, M.S., who is quoted extensively throughout the story, also provides details about his partnership with the Michigan Department of Community Health to pilot a physician-reminder system for influenza vaccination this fall in Michigan’s statewide immunization registry. For more details about this study, read the online press release. The Detroit News story is also available online.

Oct. 1 - Profile of Depression Center donor in Ann Arbor News

The main feature story in Sunday's Ann Arbor News was a profile of Ann Arbor's Phil Jenkins, who has given $4 million to the U-M Depression Center and also contributes to many other causes in the local area. John Greden, M.D., chair of Psychiatry and executive director of the Depression Center, is quoted, as is Jon-Kar Zubieta, M.D., Ph.D., who was recently appointed the first Phil F. Jenkins Research Professor of Depression -- an endowed professorship made possible by a gift from Mr. Jenkins. Read the story online here and read more about Mr. Jenkins' gifts to the Depression Center here. Mr. Jenkins has also supported Mark Moyad, MPH, in the Comprehensive Cancer Center, who holds the title of Phil F. Jenkins Director of Complementary and Alternative Medicine in Urology.

Oct. 1 - Dr. Pinsky in Family Circle

The Oct. 1 issue of Family Circle magazine features stories for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Included in the feature story is Renee Pinsky, M.D., Radiology, who talks about her recent study of mammography to detect recurrence after breast-conserving therapy for an early form of breast cancer. Family Circle has a circulation of 4.2 million. The issue is on newsstands through mid-September. Read more about Dr. Pinsky's study in the UMHS press release.


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List of media coordinators, and more information on the Department of Public Relations and Marketing Communications


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