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October 2008

Oct 30/Nov 2 - Dr. Feldman, Dr. Morrison still in the news on stem cells

Voters across Michigan are preparing to vote Tuesday on Proposal 2, which would overturn a current state ban on creating new lines of embryonic stem cells for research. To help the public understand this issue, U-M stem cell experts continue toappear on TV and radio to explain what kind of stem cell research can currently occur in Michigan, and what the impact would be if Proposal 2 passes or fails. Eva Feldman, M.D., Ph.D., Neurology, the director of the Taubman Medical Research Institute at the Medical School, has appeared on two TV shows in recent days - watch here on Fox 2 Detroit. Meanwhile, Sean Morrison, Ph.D., was heard nationwide Friday on National Public Radio's "Science Friday" edition of the popular Talk of the Nation call-in show; listen to a recording here. More information on stem cells, including videos featuring several U-M experts, is available on the U-M stem cell site,

Oct. 29/31 - Dr. Bolling's grape research gets international media coverage

A new study led by Steve Bolling, M.D., and Mitch Seymour, M.S., Cardiac Surgery, is receiving widespread coverage in the news media this week. The paper reports results from their experiments on the effect of grapes - or rather, powdered grapes - on hypertension and cardiovascular damage in laboratory rats that were fed a high-salt diet. The grape powder appears to have a significant positive effect, even more pronounced than that produced by a common blood pressure medication. So far, news stories about this research have appeared on the Reuters, WebMD, and Ivanhoe newswires, which have resulted in stories on TV stations from Los Angeles to Toledo, and on numerous web sites. More news coverage is expected soon. To learn more about this research, read the UMHS press and watch the video podcast online here.

Oct. 27 - Dr. Good on CNN

Eric Good, D.O., a heart rhythm specialist in Cardiovascular Medicine, has seen too many patients who suffered heart-related emergencies while enjoying their favorite fall activity: hunting. So, for the past two years, he's helped spread the word to the hunting community about the need for better pre-hunt preparation, and emergency preparedness during the hunt. This has included taking a lead role in organizing two successful health-check events at Cabela's in Dundee. His latest effort: talking with CNN about this issue, for a story that aired Monday on the national TV network and is available online here. Dr. Good will also appear on local TV stations around the country in November, in a story that was taped recently by the Medstar syndication service. Read about hunter heart health, and Dr. Good's advice for hunters, in this UMHS press release from last year's hunting season.

Oct. 25 - Dr. Markel on

Often words or phrases describing our health have their roots in customs and beliefs that are hundreds of years old. In an interview with, Howard Markel, M.D., Ph.D., Center for the History of Medicine, discusses the historical background of terminology relating to getting sick and staying healthy.

Oct. 23 - Ch. 4 airs big feature story on Survival Flight

Survival Flight nurses Dave Roberts and Mike Chesney were the subjects of a big story that aired on Thursday on WDIV-Ch. 4(video). Called "the best care" in the air in "our own backyards" by Ch. 4 health reporter Dr. Frank McGeorge, the Ch. 4 story highlighted the amazing work done each day by the Survival Flight team. Dr. McGeorge even flew with the team. Most notably, the story promoted Roberts and Chesney's two-time first place win at the annual Air Medical Transport Conference's Air Medical Crew competition (the "METI Cup"), as well as their first place international win earlier this year in Prague. Plus, Denise Landis, RN, manager for critical care transport at the U-M Health System, was recently honored with the Barbara Hess award at the Air Medical Transport Conference. To learn more about the amazing work done by the Survival Flight team, visit its Web site.

Oct. 21 — Dr. Newton's ER/uninsured study makes national news

A new paper in the Journal of the American Medical Association by a U-M team questions some of the most widely held assumptions about the uninsured and hospital emergency departments -- and finds that much broader issues are probably to blame for ED overcrowding and inappropriate use of emergency services. The study, led by Manya Newton, M.D., M.S., of Emergency Medicine and the Robert Wood Johnson Clinical Scholars Program, is already generating a lot of media attention, including stories on the Reuters newswire, on Newsweek magazine's Web site, and beyond. More stories are expected in coming days. Read the UMHS press release about the study here.

Oct. 7-13 — Many stem cell news stories feature U-M scientists

As Election Day gets closer, many news media outlets are covering the debate over Proposal 2, a ballot initiative that will determine the fate of the current Michigan law that prohibits the creation of new embryonic stem cell lines within state boundaries. Michigan newspapers, TV stations and even national medical publications have been turning to U-M stem cell scientists for expert comment and a peek inside the stem cell laboratories that are found at both the Medical School and the Life Sciences Institute.

Recent examples include two Ann Arbor News front page stories (available here and here and a sidebar, a front-page Detroit Free Press story, a piece in the AMA's American Medical News, and a story on WXYZ-TV Channel 7 Detroit. Other stories, including on WDIV-TV Channel 4 Detroit and in the Detroit News, are expected soon.

Sean Morrison, Doug Engel, Sue O'Shea and Eva Feldman have been among the U-M scientists quoted most prominently in these stories, but others are also speaking to reporters in an effort to educate the public about the issue in the days leading up to the vote.

For more on stem cells, check out this press release and video issued Oct. 13 by the Health System Public Relations office, and the main U-M stem cell web site. Please note: If you have taken a position on this ballot proposal, please read these guidelines for U-M faculty and staff before embarking on any effort to advocate publicly for one side of the issue or the other -- or for any candidate for elected office.

Oct. 13 - Dr. Alderman in USA Today

Amy Alderman, M.D., is quoted in USA Today in an article about breast reconstruction. Dr. Alderman notes that only 20 percent of women choose reconstruction after surgery for breast cancer. USA Today has a circulation of 2.3 million.

October 2008 - Dr. Bartlett, Brudon in Ann Arbor Observer

Dr. Robert Bartlett and patient Charity Riddle have grown accustomed to strangers recognizing them when they are in public, a pleasant byproduct of their appearances in the UMHS "Victors Valiant" ad campaign. An article in the October issue of the Ann Arbor Observer features Bartlett and Riddle, and notes that the successful campaign likely has contributed to an increase in gifts to the Health System. The campaign also has made more people recognize UMHS as a place that "will make a difference in the future of medical care," says Dave Brudon, director of marketing, in the Observer article. The story is not available online.

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