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October 2007

Oct. 30-31 — Drs. Zivin and Valenstein in the news for suicide study

The largest and most up-to-date study of suicide among depressed American veterans, led by Kara Zivin, Ph.D., and Marcia Valenstein, M.D., of Psychiatry/VA Ann Arbor, has just been published online and is already attracting a lot of media attention. Follow these links to read articles in the New York Times and Wall Street Journal, and on, the Reuters newswire, the HealthDay newswire and the Ivanhoe newswire. You can also listen to or read the story from Michigan Radio, heard locally on 91.7FM, here. The UMHS press release that led to all of this media attention for the study is here.

Oct. 26-29 — $42.9M Radiology expansion makes the news

Late Thursday afternoon, the U-M Board of Regents approved three new projects that will expand the Health System's medical imaging and image-guided procedure capability, adding new CT, MRI, breast imaging and interventional neuroradiology equipment and facilities. The Regents had also approved another project in July relating to nuclear heart imaging. A UMHS press release on these projects, which together will cost $42.9 million, led to news coverage across metro Detroit, including articles in the Detroit Free Press, Crain's Detroit Business, Detroit News, the Ann Arbor Business Review and the Ann Arbor News.

Oct. 25 - Dr. Hayes in Detroit News

A front-page story in today's Detroit News features Dr. Dan Hayes, Cancer Center, discussing pregnancy after breast cancer treatment. The story focuses on a Cancer Center patient, Alyssa Tushman, who completed treatment for breast cancer, and has since had one child and is pregnant with another. This was featured as part of the UMHS Health Minute program. Dr. Hayes is also quoted in a sidebar story that talks about the medical issues of pregnancy after breast cancer. Another Cancer Center patient, Heather Jose, is also quoted.

Oct. 18 - Dr. Clauw in U.S. News & World Report

Fibromyalgia - a painful condition that affects an estimated 6 million Americans, mostly women - has long been poorly understood, and many patients have faced skepticism from doctors, says a story in U.S. News & World Report. The article quotes Dan Clauw, M.D., one of the world's foremost experts on fibromyalgia, about functional MRI scans that show increased activity in areas of the brain dealing with where and how much it hurts. In other words, people with fibromyalgia are wired to be exquisitely sensitive to pain. "It's not something they're imagining," says Clauw, director of the U-M Chronic Pain and Fatigue Research Center.

Oct. 19 - Dr. Chenoweth in Detroit Free Press

Carol Chenoweth, M.D., is quoted today in a front-page Detroit Free Press story about the potentially deadly MRSA infection. Staph bacteria can be found on a quarter of the population, Chenoweth notes in the article, and the bacteria can enter the body through open wounds or be spread through contact with bodily fluids. There are commonsense things people can do to prevent the spread of staph infections, Chenoweth said, including "not sharing items that are contaminated, such as ... towels and razors."

Oct. 18 - Dr. Good on Channel 2

Wednesday night's newscast on WJBK-TV Fox 2 Detroit included a story on heart health for hunters -- a timely topic given that bow-hunting season has already begun and rifle season isn't far away. The story featured Eric Good, D.O., Cardiovascular Medicine, discussing important tips for hunters to follow before they head out to the woods, and while they're at deer camp. Dr. Good taped the video as part of the UMHS Health Minute series, which sends tapes and press releases to TV stations and networks nationwide for their use. You can see the Fox 2 version of the story here and read the UMHS press release here.

Oct. 17 - Robert Ruiz, Abdul El-Sayed quoted in Free Press

In an article in today's Detroit Free Press examining the spike in medical school applications nationally, with a closer look at Michigan's medical training environment, Robert Ruiz, Director of Admissions, and first year medical student Abdul El-Sayed commented on the application environment, including admission standards, scholarships and debt, goals, with a brief statistical look at this academic year's incoming class.

Oct. 16 - Howard Markel featured on the History Channel

In an episode of the series Mega Disasters entitled Alien Infection that airs several times in October, Howard Markel, M.D., Ph.D., Center for the History of Medicine, provides a chilling account of the flu pandemic of 1918, and how a pandemic might unfold today.

Oct. 15-16 — Med school startup companies in the news

On Monday, the University and the economic development group Ann Arbor Spark announced that four life-sciences startup companies with ties to the Medical School will occupy a new "wet lab incubator" space in a former Pfizer facility at the Traverwood complex on Plymouth Road. Two of the companies were co-founded by Medical School faculty: Oncolmmune Ltd, which has licensed several U-M patents and was co-founded by Kunliang Guan, Ph.D., Biological Chemistry; and SensiGen LLC, which was co-founded by David Kurnit, M.D., Ph.D., Pediatrics. Read the Ann Arbor News story on this development here and the U-M press release on the new incubator here.

Oct. 15 - Dr. Ubel in Los Angeles Times

Monday's edition of the Los Angeles Times had a special section on "aging well", and Peter Ubel, M.D., was quoted in two of the articles: the introduction to the section and a major story on health and happiness in a person's senior years. Remarkably, the reporter who wrote the stories contacted Dr. Ubel because she had saved a UMHS press release from June 2006 about a research study that he conducted with former VA postdoctoral fellow Heather Lacey, Ph.D. Dr. Ubel directs the U-M/VA Center for Behavioral and Decision Sciences in Medicine.

Oct. 12 - Diabetes educator on Univision

As director of the UMHS Diabetes Outpatient Education Program, Cecilia Sauter, MS, R.D., CDE, helps teach many diabetes patients how to care for themselves and eat well. But an even larger audience than usual heard from her recently, when she gave an extensive interview to the Spanish-language Univision television station in Detroit. Watch it online here . Cecilia has also recorded a podcast for UMHS on preventing diabetes; hear it online here and see the accompanying Powerpoint presentation here. UMHS also provides an extensive amount of information and news to Spanish-speaking people; see the Portal En Espanol here.

Oct. 11 - Dr. Hayes on NBC Nightly News, in AP story

Daniel Hayes, M.D., Breast Oncology, was featured on NBC Nightly News and in an Associated Press story for his research published this week in the New England Journal of Medicine. Dr. Hayes and his colleagues found that chemotherapy can potentially be targeted only to certain breast cancer patients. About 7.5 million people tune in to NBC Nightly News every night. The Associated Press story appeared in hundreds of newspapers and Web sites across the country, including USA Today, Boston Globe, Miami Herald and Chicago Tribune. Stories also appeared on Reuters, WebMD and HealthDay, as well as local TV stations in Los Angeles, Washington, D.C., Chicago, Philadelphia, St. Louis and Detroit. Read more about the research in the Cancer Center press release.

Oct. 10 - Hundreds of U-M physicians listed among "Best Doctors"

Two new rating services have just come out with their 2007 lists of the "best" physicians in metropolitan Detroit and the United States, and hundreds of U-M doctors are included on one or both lists. Read the UMHS press release here. The metro Detroit list is published in the October issue of Hour Detroit magazine, and the list of U-M doctors on their list is available here as a PDF file. (The full database will be available via the magazine's web site ( later this month.) Meanwhile, the Best Doctors in America service, which compiles a proprietary database not freely available to the public, has shared its list of the U-M physicians included in the new database, An alphabetical list is available here (PDF) and a list sorted by medical specialty is available here (PDF). Please note, the specialty categories are set by Hour Detroit and Best Doctors, Inc. Although the two services use different methodologies to compile their lists, both methodologies are based largely on the opinions of fellow physicians.

Oct. 8 - Two with ties to UMHS included in Crain's Detroit's "Most Influential Women" list

This week's issue of Crain's Detroit Business features a special section about the Most Influential Women in metro Detroit for 2007. In addition to U-M President Mary Sue Coleman (who also holds a Medical School faculty position), the list includes two with strong ties to the Health System: Marianne Udow, who joined UMHS in September to head a new joint venture with Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan, and Waltraud (Wally) Prechter, who has given time and money to support bipolar disorder research at the U-M Depression Center. Udow is also a member of the Depression Center's National Advisory Board, and Prechter is a member of the U-M Health Care Advisory Board. Read their Crain's profiles by clicking on their names.

Oct. 6 - UMHS featured on NPR's All Things Considered

On Saturday evening, National Public Radio listeners nationwide heard about the Health System's innovative approach to medical errors and malpractice claims. The story is available online in audio format here; click the Listen icon to hear it. It includes comments from UMHS Chief Risk Officer Rick Boothman and Chief of Clinical Affairs Darrell (Skip) Campbell, M.D., as well as a patient who agreed to tell her story. Although the radio piece is much shorter and less detailed than originally anticipated, a full explanation of the Health System's approach is available online here and a page of links to additional resources and news coverage is available here.

October 1 - Global Reach pair in ACP Observer

In an article on students' international experiences in the October edition of the American College of Physician's Observer, Cheryl Moyer, Ph.D., research director for Global REACH, discussed the trend for students to arrange their own rotations abroad even when medical schools have overseas agreements as resources. Tanyaporn Wansom, a fourth-year medical student actively involved with Global REACH, was also interviewed. She recently returned to school after spending a year in Chiang Mai, Thailand, through a Fogarty International Center/Ellison Overseas Fellowship in Global Health and Clinical Research.

Oct. 1 - Dr. Russell on TV nationwide

Mark Russell, M.D., Pediatric Cardiology, specializes in studying and treating a genetic heart condition called hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, or HCM, which causes enlargement of the heart muscle and raises the risk of sudden cardiac death. He is part of the U-M Cardiovascular Center's HCM Clinic team -- one of only a few such clinics nationwide. Recently, he taped an interview with Ivanhoe TV, a service that provides health and science news to more than a hundred local television stations nationwide. The crew also filmed in his laboratory, and spoke to a U-M patient with the condition who has taken advantage of genetic testing for HCM that's available only at U-M and a few other centers. The story has begun to appear on stations across the nation, including WNEM-TV in Flint/Saginaw, which has posted its story online. You can read it, and watch it, here. Learn more about the HCM clinic here.


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