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November 2007

Nov. 29 - Oregon paper tells congenital heart patient's saga

An Oregon newspaper has a major story, and online slideshow, today about 10-month-old Isabelle Costa, who came from Oregon to U-M for surgery on Wednesday that corrected several life-threatening congenital heart defects. Her family has allowed the newspaper, the Eugene Register-Guard, to chronicle Isabelle's journey to U-M, and a reporter and photographer came to Ann Arbor to cover yesterday's successful operation, which was led by Ed Bove, M.D., Cardiac Surgery. Isabelle's mother also has a blog on the newspaper's web site. Find out more about the Michigan Congenital Heart Center, which attracts many patients from around the country, here.

Nov. 27 - Dr. Newman on NBC Nightly News

Lisa Newman, M.D., M.P.H., Cancer Center/Surgery, was featured on Tuesday's NBC Nightly News in a story about breast cancer in African-American women. Nightly News is producing a series of stories this week on African-American women. Dr. Newman's research has found that African-American women tend to be diagnosed with a more aggressive form of breast cancer and at a younger age than white women. Her research has taken her to Ghana, Africa, to study breast cancer in African women. Additional video is available on the Web. Some 7.5 million people tune in to Nightly News.

Nov. 27 - Kellogg's Richard Hackel in Detroit Free Press

A major story in the business section of today's Detroit Free Press focuses on the Ophthalmic Imaging program at the Kellogg Eye Center, and the innovations made by lead photographer Richard Hackel in using digital technology to improve the way eye disease is diagnosed and monitored. Kellogg recently received a $1.5 million grant from the Towsley Foundation to expand ophthalmic imaging facilities in the new Kellogg/Brehm building, scheduled to open in 2010. Read the Free Press story here and the U-M press release on the Towsley grant here.

Nov. 2007 - Suzanna Zick in Redbook

Flavoring recipes with fresh herbs and spices rather than salt, butter and sugar can cut sodium, fat and calories and improve a food's overall health benefits, Suzanna Zick, N.D., of Family Medicine, says in an article in the November issue of Redbook. Among the seasonings she recommends are thyme, oregano, saffron, basil, black pepper and nutmeg.

Nov. 19 - Drs. Davis, Dickinson discuss high gas prices on local news

A recent report from the C.S. Mott Children's Hospital National Poll on Children's finds higher gas prices this year are putting the squeeze on how parents are managing health care for their children - either in getting to health care visits or purchasing medications. Matthew M. Davis, M.D., MAPP, director of the NPCH, and Chris J. Dickinson, M.D., associate chief of staff in the Office of Clinical Affairs, discussed results from the latest NPCH report last night on WJRT-TV (ABC, Flint). To watch the story, follow this link. Results from the gas prices report also recently appeared in the Detroit Free Press, WebMD, United Press International, and on KTVT-TV CH 11 (CBS, Dallas/Fort Worth). To learn more about the NPCH report, read the online press release.

November 16 - Dr. Fine shows his Ohio State colors on

The College Sports TV network, part of CBS, has been traveling the country looking for the stories behind college football's greatest rivalries -- and they're in Ann Arbor this week in advance of the biggest game of them all. Today, they're featuring a U-M physician who proudly cheers for Ohio State, along with a few other "resistance fighters" on the UMHS faculty and staff. Follow this link to watch Paul Fine, M.D., General Medicine, sport his scarlet-and-gray jersey and explain how he manages to work for one rival and root for the other.

November 14 - Sandra Wong in the news for cancer surgery study

Sandra Wong, M.D., a U-M colon cancer surgeon, and her colleagues have found that an emerging indicator for the quality of colon cancer surgery isn't necessarily linked to better survival rates. As a result, her team says, this quality indicator - quotas for lymph nodes examined for the spread of cancer - does not identify hospitals with better results in treating colon cancer. Dr. Wong was interviewed by Reuters Health and HealthDay regarding the study, which appears in today's Journal of the American Medical Association.

Nov. 13 - Dr. Lash, MCDC on ABC News diabetes site

In honor of World Diabetes Day on Nov. 14, and Diabetes Awareness Month, the health team at ABC News has created a comprehensive diabetes Web site for the public, featuring short videos from experts around the country answering questions about all aspects of diabetes. Robert Lash, M.D., of the Metabolism, Endocrinology & Diabetes division, was chosen by ABC to represent U-M, and he is featured in a section about diabetes and pregnancy in the Living With Diabetes section of the site. For instance, follow this link to see Dr. Lash speaking about whether it's all right for women with diabetes to become pregnant. The ABC site also features profiles of all the country's major diabetes centers, including U-M's own Michigan Comprehensive Diabetes Center. Read the MCDC profile, contributed by Peter Arvan, M.D., Ph.D., the center's director, here.

Nov. 5 & 6 - Julie Lumeng on NBC, CBS national evening news, more

On Nov. 5, Julie C. Lumeng, M.D., assistant professor in the Department of Pediatrics and Communicable Diseases, appeared both on NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams and CBS Evening News with Katie Couric to discuss her study published in this month's issue of Pediatrics. The study found a link between the amount of sleep an elementary-school-age child gets each night and their risk for being overweight. News of this research has appeared across the county, as well as in Canada and the UK: U.S. News & World Report; ABC News online; The Associated Press; Reuters; National Post of Canada; BBC; WDIV-Ch. 4 and WJR. For more details about the study results, read the UMHS press release.

Nov. 5 - Watch a live CVC operation on the web Nov. 6

On Tuesday, Nov. 6, beginning at 3 p.m., a live webcast of an operation from the U-M Cardiovascular Center will be available to Internet viewers worldwide. The operation, led by Himanshu Patel, M.D., Cardiac Surgery, and David Williams, M.D., Interventional Radiology, will involve the endovascular (minimally invasive) treatment of an aneurysm in the upper part of a patient's aorta. The U-M CVC is a leader in this type of care, and the webcast is aimed at helping physicians and patients everywhere understand the procedure and its potential to help many patients with problems in the thoracic region of the aorta. The webcast will be available for free replays after the live feed is over. Visit this page to watch the webcast and read the UMHS press release here.

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