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June 2006

June 30 - Dr. Terry Kowalenko in Detroit Free Press

The letters-to-the-editor page of today's Detroit Free Press contains a letter by Terry Kowalenko, MD, Emergency Medicine, about the urgent issue of overcrowding in the emergency rooms of America's hospitals. The letter touches on a recent Institute of Medicine report, "Hospital Emergency Care: At the Breaking Point" that described the current situation and potential solutions. Kowalenko is president-elect of Michigan chapter of the American College of Emergency Physicians (ACEP) and program director for the Emergency Medicine residency.

June - Dr Morgenstern in Ladies' Home Journal

A major article in the June issue of Ladies Home Journal, titled "What Every Woman Needs to Know About Stroke," features Lewis Morgenstern, M.D., Neurology, director of the U-M Stroke Program. He discusses his team's research on differences between men and women in stroke symptoms.

June 28 - Drs. Mychaliska, Nugent in Ann Arbor News

Little Malachi Maddox may never become a marathon runner, but thanks to a team of 20 specialists from the University of Michigan's Fetal Diagnosis and Treatment Center, he now has the chance to lead a normal, healthy life. Malachi's incredible life-saving surgery - which removed a life-threatening lung mass from his body while he was partially in his mother's womb and on placental support - is featured in today's Ann Arbor News. The story highlights the work of Michigan's first Fetal Diagnosis and Treatment Center, and includes interviews with Center Director and Fetal Surgeon George Mychaliska, M.D., and Obstetrics Surgeon Clark Nugent, M.D.

June 27 - Dr Marcus in Detroit News

The cover story of the Detroit News health section is on premenstrual syndrome and its more-serious cousin, premenstrual dysphoric disorder, and the impact they can have on women's mental and physical well-being. Sheila Marcus, M.D., Psychiatry/Depression Center, who specializes in issues relating to women and mental health, is quoted and featured in a photo. Read the story online here.

June 26 - Dr. Billi, MQS on front page of Detroit News

The Health System's commitment to lean thinking, with an initiative known as the Michigan Quality System, is highlighted in a story on the front page of The Detroit News. The article explains how the MQS builds on the waste-cutting strategies that Toyota famously employs. "Basically, instead of producing 50 cars with the screw in the wrong place, this strategy is 'we'll fix it now and make sure it never happens again.' We're trying to do exactly that in health care," Dr. Jack Billi says in the article. The article also features a photo of Dr. Billi, quotes from a patient who is pleased with the changes enacted in Radiation Oncology, and quotes from Dr. Theodore Lawrence, chair of Radiation Oncology. Read the article here. Read more about the Michigan Quality System here.

June 20 - Three from UMHS in NY Times articles

The Science Times section of today's New York Times contains three different articles that quote UMHS experts, a rare coincidence. Follow the links to read them all; note that a free registration is required. Peter Ubel, M.D., General Medicine/Center for Behavioral and Decision Science in Medicine, is quoted in an article on risk in medicine that also draws on a recent research paper led by Brian Zikmund-Fisher, Ph.D., CDBSM. Heather Lacey, Ph.D., General Medicine/CDBSM, is quoted in an item in the Vital Signs column about her research on perceptions of happiness among people of different ages. Read the recent press releases on the research studies that led to these articles here and here. Lastly, Vernon Carruthers, Ph.D., Microbiology & Immunology, is quoted in an article on toxoplasma, a parasite.

June 18: Mott/CCC patient featured in front-page Detroit Free Press story

On Sunday, the Detroit Free Press ran a front page feature story about Maddie Trudel, a C.S. Mott Children's Hospital and Comprehensive Cancer Center patient, and her father, Paul. The story - a Father's Day feature piece - is about the special relationship shared by father and daughter, and their fight against Maddie's cancer. The story also includes an interview with 7 Mott Nurse Leigh Walters, as well as pictures with Nurse Anesthetist Kathy Bradley, and Ian Lewis, M.D., associate professor of anesthesiology. Read the story online here.

June 13 - NBC interviews three from Surgery

Retired Medical School employee James Crudup was the subject of features on NBC's Today Show and Detroit's NBC affiliate, WDIV - Channel 4. In the Today Show segment, Jeremiah Turcotte, M.D., professor of surgery emeritus, and Thomas Wakefield, M.D., vascular surgeon, spoke of what they learned years ago from Mr. Crudup who, although not a physician, became a teacher of surgeries to many residents during his 30 years in animal labs at U-M. For the Channel 4 segment, Mr. Crudup's niece Phyllis Blackman, pediatric surgery administrator, spoke of her uncle, a former truck driver, and his self-taught gift for teaching surgical procedures. The Today Show piece can be viewed this week under the heading "Top Stories This Week."

Listen for Dr. Lacey on WJR, WAAM, more

This evening on WJR-AM 760 Detroit and CKLW-AM 800 Windsor, and tomorrow morning on WAAM-AM 1600 Ann Arbor, Heather Lacey, Ph.D., will be heard discussing her latest research on attitudes toward aging among people of different ages. The Detroit News, and other publications and news services, are also planning stories on the research paper by Lacey and Peter Ubel, M.D., Center for Behavioral and Decision Sciences in Medicine/General Medicine. Read more about the paper in the UMHS press release.

June - Dr. Liu in AARP Bulletin

This month's AARP Bulletin includes a news item about research from Rebecca Liu, M.D., Cancer Center and Ob/Gyn. Liu and her colleagues used ginger to treat ovarian cancer cells in the lab. AARP Bulletin has a circulation of 22 million. Read more about Liu's research in this press release.

June 11 - Sean Morrison speaks out on stem cells

Sunday's Detroit Free Press featured an op/ed from Sean Morrison, Ph.D., director of the University of Michigan Center for Stem Cell Biology and an associate professor in the Medical School, on the importance of research with human embryonic stem cells. Read Prof. Morrison's article here.

June 8 - WTKA radio-a-thon's success touted in Ann Arbor News

Its goal was to raise $10,000 for the C.S. Mott Children's Hospital and Women's Hospital capital campaign. But by mid-morning, Sport Talk 1050 WTKA had already far exceeded its initial goal. Thanks to donations from the community, UMHS patient families, and former U-M coaches and players, including a $10,000 donation from Chicago Bears quarterback Brian Griese, the radio-a-thon raised $40,110 for the new hospital building project. Full coverage of the successful event is in today's Ann Arbor News. In addition to the Wolverine football program, physicians and other medical experts, along with patients and their families, from C.S. Mott Children's Hospital and Women’s Hospital were featured during the 12-hour radio-a-thon.

June 7 - Tune in to WTKA 1050 AM for Mott/Women's radio-a-thon

Today, the U-M Football Team is taking over Sports Talk 1050 WTKA to raise funds and awareness for the U-M C.S. Mott Children's Hospital's and Women's Hospital capital campaign. The broadcast will be a prelude to the Carr's Wash for Kids community event, scheduled this Saturday, June 10.

From 7 a.m. to 7 p.m., Michigan coaches including Head Coach Lloyd Carr, players and former players will host the radio-a-thon. Tune in to hear your patients and colleagues, too, including:
- Patients and families from floors 5E/W, 6E/W and 7E, and the PCTU
- PICU Nurse Manager Julie Juno
- Drs. Castle, Hirschl, Van De Ven, Dickinson, Ferrara
- Pat Warner, associate hospital director for Children's and Women's Services
- Child Life Actvity Therapist Julie Piazza
- Social Work Director Kathy Wade
- Loree Collett, operational planning lead for the Children’s and Women’s Project
- Doug Stewart, director of development for Children's and Women's Services

To listen live, go to and click on the WTKA Internet stream link.

June 5 - Dr. Chervin on Fox 2 Detroit tonight

This evening and tomorrow morning, Fox 2 Detroit (WJBK-TV) will feature a story on Sweet Dreamzzz Detroit, a non-profit organization that provides bedtime essentials and sleep education to at-risk children to help them be ready for classroom learning. The story will also feature Ronald Chervin, M.D., Neurology/Sleep Disorders Center, who attended a recent Sweet Dreamzzz event at a Detroit elementary school - - in his pajamas. Chervin is a member of the organization's advisory board. For more information, visit

June 1/5 - Dr. Zikmund-Fisher on radio, newswires

A new study led by Brian Zikmund-Fisher, Ph.D., General Medicine/Center for Behavioral and Decision Sciences in Medicine, is making news for its insight into how people make tricky medical decisions. The study, based on a survey of nearly 2,400 people who were asked to choose between two options that both posed risks and benefits, suggests that our decisions might change dramatically if we step back and put ourselves in the shoes of others. The study has been covered in articles on the HealthDay, WebMD and Ivanhoe newswires, and Zikmund-Fisher has been interviewed by Michigan Talk Radio, and others. Read the UMHS press release here.

June 2- Dr. Day in Oakland Press

The day after an autopsy report revealed that a local high school student died of a genetic heart condition called hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, Sharlene Day, M.D., helped his local newspaper give readers more information about that condition - - and about how families with a history of sudden cardiac death might be able to receive screening and care at UMHS. The Oakland Press carried the story and quoted Day. To read more about the new Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy Clinic, which brings together clinical expertise from several UMHS departments, read the UMHS press release here.

June 2 - Dr. Van Poznak in NY Times

Catherine Van Poznak, M.D., Cancer Center/Hem-Onc, is quoted in a story in today's New York Times about a rare bone condition called osteonecrosis of the jaw. The article discusses the potential link between this condition and a class of drugs called bisphosphonates, which are used in high doses to treat breast cancer that has spread to the bone and in low doses to treat osteoporosis.


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