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January 2009

Jan. 27 —Sofie needs a heart features Ohye

U-M Cardiovascular Center surgeon Richard Ohye, M.D., and his patient, 15-month-old Sofie, made their debut Tuesday on WZZM-13, a Grand Rapids TV station. A news team visited Ann Arbor to begin what is expected to be a series of stories about Sofie's wait for a heart transplant. Sofie's left ventricle doesn't pump any blood to her body and her right one is beginning to fail. Ohye is Sofi's pediatric cardiac surgeon and said "the easiest way to think about it is she's essentially born with half a heart." Arrangements were made for Kristyn LaPres of Muskegon to deliver her daughter Sofie at Mott Children's Hospital. A complete video interview with Ohye is online, and he makes a plea for other children by urging awareness of organ donation.

Jan. 27 — Expensive times 8 - Donn on ABC News

As the world marvels at the birth of octuplets in California, ABC News asked Steven M. Donn, M.D., director of the Division of Neonatal-Perinatal Medicine at the University of Michigan Health System, to weigh in on the cost of delivering eight children. "By comparison, the mother's care will probably be a bargain," Donn said. The reported estimated cost for the multiple birth delivery is a whopping $200,000, but doctors likely made additional precautions that added to the cost of care, Donn said.

Jan. 23 — Dr. Morrison appears on Good Morning America

Sean Morrison, Ph.D., director of the Center for Stem Cell Biology at the University of Michigan, was interviewed by Good Morning America after the FDA approved the world’s first human clinical trial using embryonic stem cells. Morrison will also be interviewed on ABC World News at 6:30 p.m. today. The primary goal of the trial is the safety of the ten individuals participating. The interview discusses the importance of stem cell research and the scientific advancement that can be made as a result of embryonic stem cell use. Watch the interview.

Jan. 18 —— Gifts of Art in the Ann Arbor News

The Ann Arbor News published a feature on Dr. Thomas L. Clark's intricate paper snowflakes on display in the Taubman Health Center lobby. Clark says there's no alternative to the first step: the fold. He let others in on a great method to "snip away seasonal disorder" with a demonstration Jan. 8. The display is part of the U-M's Gifts of Arts program, one of the first and most comprehensive arts in health care programs in the country.

Jan. 13 — Dr. Miller in New York Times

David C. Miller, M.D., M.P.H., Cancer Center/Urology, is quoted in the New York Times. The story highlights recent research published by Miller that found few low-income men are being screened for prostate cancer. Read more in the UMHS press release.

Jan. 13 — Dr. Chinnaiyan in Washington Post, HealthDay

Arul Chinnaiyan, M.D., Ph.D., Cancer Center/Pathology, is quoted in a story that appears in the Washington Post from the HealthDay news service. Chinnaiyan and his team published a paper in Nature describing new gene fusions that play a role in prostate cancer developing. The researchers used new gene sequencing technology to identify these fusions. Read more in the UMHS press release.

Jan. 7 — U-M’s Sanjay Gupta considered for U.S. Surgeon General

Dr. Sanjay Gupta is already a familiar face to millions as a
correspondent on CNN, but is also under consideration for U.S. Surgeon General. It’s the highest public health post in the country, and reflects his previous work as a White House Fellow, advising on public policy for Hillary Clinton. He earned his undergraduate and medical degrees at U-M. In addition to his work on CNN, he continues to perform neurosurgery at Emory. In the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Dr. Karin Muraszko, chairwoman of the Department of Neurosurgery at University of Michigan, described Gupta's work as extraordinary. His consideration by the Obama, administration is generating many positive responses published in The New York Times Washington Post, Detroit Free Press, and numerous radio and TV stations including NPR, The Today Show and ABC News.

Jan. 6 —Health experts advise NCAA on youth sports

Three-quarters of the one million sport-related injuries that happen each year are in athletes younger than 15 years old, Ronald F. Zernicke, director of the Bone & Joint Injury Prevention & Rehabilitation Center at the University of Michigan, told NCAA members Jan. 13. Zernicke gave one of the keynote addresses during the NCAA's scholarly colloquium which was covered by the Chronicle of Higher Education. Before the event, Zernicke talked with Jack Ebling, of Lansing, Mich.-based radio WILS-AM 1320, about injury prevention. As many as half of those youth injuries are from overuse. Read more in the UM news release.

Jan. 3 — Moves underway to lift federal stem cell ban

Dr. Sean Morrison, director of the Center for Stem Cell Biology at the University of Michigan, was interviewed by the New York Times on the impact of expanding stem cell research. After a couple of failed
attempts, lawmakers are debating methods to lift a federal ban on stem cell research when a new Congress takes charge later this month. In November, Michigan voted to end state stem cell restrictions.


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