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December 2005

Dec. 29 - Dr. Burant in A2 News, Detroit News

The announcement of a new Metabolomics and Obesity Center in the Medical School has prompted news coverage in the Ann Arbor News, Detroit News and WWJ-AM, as well as Crain's Detroit Business. Charles Burant, M.D., Ph.D., Internal Medicine/Molecular & Integrative Physiology, will head the new center, which will bring together researchers from throughout the university and provide seed funding for research and training. Read the UMHS press release here.

Dec. 28 - Dr Fendrick in Detroit Free Press, Detroit News

Several articles in recent days, including the front-page article of today's Detroit Free Press business section, have featured Mark Fendrick, M.D., General Medicine and his colleague Mike Chernew, Ph.D., and their work on value-based insurance concepts. The Free Press article today focuses on the concept of lowering or eliminating co-pays for prescription drugs for the patients who need them most, and the success that some companies have had with this approach. Yesterday, Fendrick was quoted in the Detroit News in an article about at-work weight-loss programs.

Dec. 25 - Dr. Maixner in Chicago Tribune

A major article on vagus-nerve stimulation (VNS) therapy, which has recently become available for treatment-resistant depression, appeared in the Chicago Tribune on Christmas Day. It quoted Daniel Maixner, M.D., Psychiatry, who is leading the effort to launch a VNS program at the U-M Depression Center to complement other options for patients with the most unresponsive forms of depression.

Dec. 27 - Pulmonary's harmonica class in Ann Arbor News

A program in Pulmonary Medicine that uses harmonica to help lung-disease patients regain breathing capacity has captured the imagination of several news outlets lately, including the Ann Arbor News, which carried a major story with several photos on the front page of its feature section on Tuesday. The story has also been picked up by the Ivanhoe television news service, which has just sent out a video of the harmonica-playing patients and their therapists to dozens of TV stations nationwide - read the text version here.

Dec. 22 and 27 - Positive stories on animal research in Ann Arbor News

Two stories in recent days in the Ann Arbor News have showcased those who help care for research animals at the U-M Medical School in a safe, humane way. In Tuesday's paper, a story profiled Janet Hoff, Center for Integrative Genomics. On Dec. 22, a major story focused on how staff from the Unit for Laboratory Animal Medicine manage to care for the animals and still have a Merry Christmas.

Dec. 21 - "From the Heart" on Fox Sports Net tonight

Tonight, Fox Sports Net will air the show Challenge Cup: Spirit of the Season, which will showcase the community work of student athletes from the University of Michigan and Michigan State University. The show will feature the "From the Heart" program and the student athletes at U-M who visit Mott patients every Thursday evening as part of the program. The "From the Heart" segment will include interviews with program founder Ed Boullion, and U-M football, soccer and hockey players, as well as two Mott patients and their families. The program will air tonight at 7:30 p.m.

The show will re-air at 6:30 p.m. on Friday, Dec. 23; 9 a.m. on Saturday, Dec. 24; 8 a.m. on Sunday, Dec. 25; and 9 a.m. on Saturday, Dec. 31.

Check your local cable listings for station details.

Dec. 20 - Dr. Green in Washington Post

Turning down the thermostat this winter to save money may cost you your health. Lee A. Green, M.D., MPH, associate professor in the Department of Family Medicine, discusses the potential dangers associated with seniors turning down their heat in today's issue of the Washington Post. Green tells the Post that just turning down the thermostat a few degrees could lead to hypothermia in seniors, especially if they are not dressed properly or aware of the signs of hypothermia. Read the complete story online.

Dec. 16 - Dr. Fendrick's symposium in AANews, Detroit papers

Should a patient's co-pay should depend on how much a patient needs a drug, not on its price? That was one of the ideas explored during a symposium at U-M Dec. 15. A. Mark Fendrick, M.D., made the case for tying a drug's cost to its importance as a way of lowering insurance costs. "U-M researcher and physician A. Mark Fendrick worked vigorously to make his case, armed with a plethora of statistics, research findings and lively anecdotes," says the Detroit News story. Articles also ran in the Ann Arbor News and Detroit Free Press.

Dec. 12 - Dr. Chinnaiyan in USA Today

Arul Chinnaiyan, M.D., Ph.D., is featured in a story from USA Today discussing the need for a new test for prostate cancer. The article describes the pitfalls associated with the current PSA test and describes promising research into other options, including Dr. Chinnaiyan's recently published work on a potential new biomarker test, published in September in the New England Journal of Medicine. Read more about Dr. Chinnaiyan's work from this U-M press release.

Dec. 12 - Dr. Silver in Crain's Detroit

A story in this week's Crain's Detroit Business (subscription required) describes a new initiative from Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan to improve the quality of care for women going through breast cancer treatment. Samuel Silver, M.D., Ph.D., Cancer Center and Hematology/Oncology, is quoted in the article describing the program's goals. Dr. Silver will lead the statewide initiative. Read more about it from this press release.

Dec. 12 - Dr. Carli's obituary in Crain's, Ann Arbor News

The untimely death of Dr. Thomas Carli, Psychiatry, has been noted by the Ann Arbor News and Crain's Detroit Business in stories appearing today; both are available upon request from Public Relations at x42220. Read the UMHS press release here. A memorial is planned for early January and will be announced via the Bulletin and E-News; donations in lieu of flowers may be sent to the funds listed at the end of the press release.

Dec. 12 - Drs. Kowalenko, Sochor on TLC

Two faculty from the Department of Emergency Medicine will be featured on "Untold Stories of the ER," a show on the Learning Channel (TLC), which is carried on most cable TV systems. Mark Sochor, M.D., will be featured on the Dec. 12 episode, about a patient he treated while working at the Detroit Medical Center. He'll also be featured on the Jan. 16 episode, about a patient he treated as part of the U-M staffing agreemend at the Foote Hospital emergency department in Jackson. On January 9, Terry Kowalenko, M.D., will appear in a story about a patient he treated while at another hospital. Check your cable listings for times and channels.

Dec. 11 - Dr. Markel quoted in NYT

Sunday's Week In Review section of the New York Times included an article by Donald G. McNeil, Jr. on the philanthropy of Bill and Melinda Gates. In it, Dr. Howard Markel, M.D., Ph.D., was quoted and the Center for the History of Medicine which he directs was mentioned. The Gates, Dr. Markel says, are following in the footsteps of industrial giants of the late-19th century, especially John D. Rockefeller, who was the richest man of his time. View the article here after setting up a free account.

Dec. 7 - Dr. Zalupski in Associated Press

A story from the Associated Press on new research about colon cancer quotes Mark Zalupski, M.D., Cancer Center/Hematology-Oncology. The study found many people with advanced colon cancer are not getting chemotherapy after surgery. The story appears in many newspapers across the country, including the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, Philadelphia Inquirer and the Dallas Morning News.

Dec. 5 - Dr. Hayward in American Medical News

A major article in the new issue of the American Medical News (dated Dec. 12) features Rodney Hayward, M.D., General Medicine/VA Ann Arbor Healthcare System. The article, which focuses on the idea of using risk-stratified analysis in clinical trials to identify risks and benefits to sub-groups of patients, references a recent paper by Dr. Hayward and his colleagues in Health Affairs. The American Medical News, published by the American Medical Association, reaches hundreds of thousands of physicians and others. The article is available online only to subscribers; call Public Relations at 764-2220 to receive a copy. Read the UMHS press release on the Health Affairs paper here.

Dec. 5 - Dr. Kelch, Zelda Geyer-Sylvia in Crain's "Who's Who"

The new list of "Who's Who" in Metro Detroit, published online by Crain's Detroit Business, includes both Robert Kelch, M.D., Exec. VP for Medical Affairs, and Zelda Geyer-Sylvia, MPH, executive director of M-CARE. See the whole list online here.

Dec. 4 - Brian Zink's opinion piece in Newsday

Controversy surrounds the decision by a major Long Island medical center to begin staffing its emergency department with board certified emergency medicine physicians. Brian Zink, M.D., U-M associate professor of emergency medicine, published an opinion piece in Newsday, a major New York/Long island newspaper, placing the decision in a historical context. Dr. Zink, author of Anyone, Anything, Anytime - A History of Emergency Medicine, says emergency medicine is still in its teenage years, because there are not yet enough certified specialists to staff most emergency departments. However, the trend is clear, and most emergency departments will be staffed almost completely by certified specialists in about a decade.

Dec. 1 - Heart-related news coverage of Red Wings & Clippers players

In recent days, the Detroit Red Wings hockey team and Los Angeles Clippers basketball team have both issued statements about professional athletes seeking heart-related testing and care at U-M. News organizations around the country have been following the heart-rhythm problems of Red Wing defenseman Jiri Fischer and Clippers backup center Veljko Rebraca, and have mentioned U-M in their reports. UMHS Public Relations is not releasing information related to either situation, and has been asked to refer all press calls to the respective teams. Read the teams' official statements on Fischer and Rebraca.

December 2005 Marilyn Migliore, M.S., R.D., C.S.W., in REDBOOK

Hungry? Or are those your emotions growling again? Marilyn Migliore, M.S., R.D., C.S.W., a U-M Health System cardiovascular nutritionist/social worker with Preventive Cardiology is featured in a cover article on emotional eating in the December issue of REDBOOK. The article discusses why food makes us feel better as well as some strategies to help us stop emotional eating. The December issue of REDBOOK is available on newsstands now.


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