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April 2009

April 29 – UMHS Experts quoted about the swine flu

Several Health System experts were part of widespread news coverage of the swine flu outbreak. June Osborn, M.D., JoLynn Montgomery, Ph.D., Matthew Boulton, M.D., Arnold Monto, M.D., and Howard Markel, M.D., Ph.D., were quoted in stories discussing the epidemic and what people should do to remain healthy. Coverage appears in The New York Times, Ann Arbor News, Time Health, Time Business, Chicago Tribune, Discovery Channel, Los Angeles Times and the Seattle Times. Watch Dr. Montgomery on WXYZ Detroit. Learn more from UMHS:

April 28 - Dr. Alexandra Stern on swine flu

In an opinion piece published today in the Ottawa Citizen, Alexandra Stern, Ph.D., associate director of the Center for the History of Medicine discussed history's public health lessons and how they apply to the current swine flu outbreak. The editorial calls on Canadian and U.S. authorities to maintain high degrees of inter-agency co-ordination, transparent communication, and civic co-operation to effectively combat the spread of swine flu. The editorial was co-authored by Howard Markel, M.D., Ph.D.

April 26 – Dr. Howard Markel quoted in major media

As swine flu cases spread and questions grow, U-M's Howard Markel, M.D., Ph.D., continues to comment on the evolving swine flu conditions world-wide and how the current understanding of the infection's strength and ability to spread may progress. He joined CNN's chief medical correspondent Sanjay Gupta, M.D. for a discussion Sunday night on CNN Newsroom. His comments on swine flu also were in Time magazine, and he authored an opinion piece in the New Republic. Markel is an expert on the 1918 pandemic flu and serves as a key pandemic advisor to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

April 24 - U-M does well in U.S.News & World Report medical school rankings

This year's edition of the U.S.News & World Report medical school rankings, released on April 23, again confirms that the U-M Medical School is among the very best in the nation.

U-M is listed at 11th among research-oriented medical schools, the same as last year, in a tie with UCLA. U-M ranked 12th among all schools for training in primary care — up five spots from last year. In the specialties, U-M Family Medicine rose to 3rd in the nation, continuing a recent upward trend, and both Geriatrics and Internal Medicine held their ground by staying at 5th and 7th in the nation, respectively. U-M's women's health training was ranked 11th in the nation, and pediatrics training at 13th in the nation.

See the research school rankings, and access other medical school ranking and methodology information, here. Although the magazine did not prepare new rankings of nursing schools or Ph.D. training programs in the biomedical sciences this year, U-M ranked 5th in nursing and 15th in overall biomedical sciences the last time such rankings were compiled.

For more on how all U-M graduate schools fared in this year's rankings, see today's University Record Update story.

April 20 – Dr. Heckenlively quoted in Science Daily

John Heckenlively, M.D., Ophthalmology, is quoted in Science Daily regarding a study he authored that found individuals with autoimmune retinopathy showed improvement after receiving treatment with immunosuppression therapy.  Autoimmune retinopathy is a disease where antibodies attack the retina, resulting in progressive vision loss and eventual blindness.  The article discusses the disease in depth and the available treatment options.

April 22 – Dr. Davis appears on WJBK Detroit

Matthew Davis, M.D, Pediatrics, appears on WJBK-TV, Fox 2 Detroit, to discuss his concerns about alco-pops.  These drinks are flavored alcoholic beverages that are made to taste like cola.  Alco-pops contain more alcohol than most beers and are marketed to look like familiar drinks that most children consume.  In the interview, Dr. Davis discusses a study done by C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital that found many adults are concerned about underage drinking and that they believe alco-pops encourage it.

April 21 – Wicha, Morrison quoted in The Scientist

Max Wicha, M.D., director of the Comprehensive Cancer Center, and Sean Morrison, Ph.D., Internal Medicine, are quoted in The Scientist discussing their discovery of cancer stem cells in breast cancer and a new finding that implies that cancer cells are moving targets.  The article goes into depth about the different theories regarding cancer cells and the cancer stem cell hypothesis.

April 20 – Dr. Bolling receives news coverage

Steven Bolling, M.D., Cardiac Surgery, discusses a study released on April 19, that shows blueberries help to reduce stomach fat.  Dr. Bolling stresses the importance of eating fruit and the health benefits that prevail. Coverage of Dr. Bolling’s study includes reports from WWJ Newsradio, WebMD, and Science Daily.  Co-author Mitchell Seymour, M.S., is also quoted in an article on Fox News

April 20 – Dr. Rosen quoted in American Medical News

David Rosen, M.D., M.P.H., Internal Medicine, is quoted in the American Medical News for his work treating patients with bulimia or anorexia nervosa. The article focuses on a recent government statistic that states younger people are appearing more severely ill than in the past. Eating disorders affect many people, not only the traditional image medical school taught Dr. Rosen to look for.

April 19 – Dr. Riba quoted in Free Press

Michelle Riba, M.D., Depression Center, is quoted in the Detroit Free Press for her suggestions to readers about what they can do to encourage spring to come. The article discusses the different style markers that change with each season.

April 20 – Dr. Morrison receives major news coverage

Sean Morrison, Ph.D., Internal Medicine, is quoted in several major news outlets regarding the restrictions and funding of embryonic stem cell research. The articles discuss the limitation that the government placed on the research, which states they must use cells culled from fertility clinic embryos that otherwise would be thrown away. The NIH will provide funding to researchers under this new policy. Stories that quoted Dr. Morrison include the Washington Post, Seattle Times, San Francisco Chronicle, Chicago Tribune, and the Boston Globe.

April 20 - Dr. Pescovitz named one of Modern Healthcare's Top 25 Women in Healthcare

This week's issue of Modern Healthcare magazine features a list of the 25 most influential and prominent women across the nation's health care industry, from public policy to clinical care. Ora Hirsch Pescovitz, M.D., the incoming U-M Executive Vice President for Medical Affairs, is among them. See a free online item here; other information on the site may require registration or a subscription. Dr. Pescovitz will become the EVPMA, and the CEO of the U-M Health System, on May 11, as was announced in this March 2 press release.

April 19 – Dr. Mendelow quoted in Free Press

Dolores Mendelow, M.D., Pediatrics, provides advice to families about the health benefit children can receive from practicing yoga. The Detroit Free Press article discusses the improvements and benefits children have after learning about yoga. Read the UMHS Health Minute here.

April 14 - Dr. Kong quoted in Health Day

Feng-Ming Kong, M.D.,Ph.D., Radiation Oncology, is quoted in Health Day News for his work on a study that found that patients with 3 non-small cell lung cancer survived almost 16 months after diagnosis when given high-dose radiation and chemotherapy at the same time.  Dr Kong served as the senior author of the study, which was published April 1 in the International Journal of Radiation Oncology *Biology*Physics. 

April 12 - Free Press writes about Transplant Team crash investigation

The investigation on the Survival Flight Transplant Team crash of 2007 was the subject of a Detroit Free Press Sunday story. The investigation is ongoing and results of preliminary reports should not be thought of as final. The University of Michigan is currently planning an anniversary memorial to be held in June for those lost. Further details will be made available later this spring.

April 13 - Patient and family coordinator Kelly Parent featured in the Ann Arbor News

Kelly Parent, patient and family coordinator at the University of Michigan's C.S. Mott Children's & Women's Hospital, was featured in a story in the Ann Arbor News today. Parent was a registered dietitian in Plymouth five years ago when her daughter was diagnosed with cancer and admitted to Mott. Parent quit her job to be with her 9-year-old round-the-clock. One evening while she was arranging the sleep chair in her daughter's room, a custodian who saw her returned with a cot with fresh sheets, a blanket and pillow. After her daughter left the hospital, Parent attended focus groups and staff meetings as officials solicited opinions on the new design of the hospital. Parent's volunteer work became a full-time paid position two years ago. Since then, she's formed several committees aimed at improving the hospital environment.

April 9 - Mott patient the subject of news coverage

The story of Mott patient Derek Zike, who was injured in a hockey accident in January and discharged last week after 12 weeks of rehabilitation, appeared in the Detroit News on Thursday. The Detroit News' Joanne Gerstner began covering Derek's story when he was injured in January. Her initial story generated a lot of attention and this summer Derek will be the subject of an MTV documentary for the show Real Life: Rehabbing My Injury.

April 8 – Dr. Hollenbeck quoted in The Boston Globe and Reuters

Brent Hollenbeck, M.D., Urology, is quoted in several major news outlets for a recent study he took part in with regards to treating bladder cancer. The article discusses different treatment methods used by different hospitals and noted that spending more on bladder cancer doesn’t necessarily lead to better results. The study is published in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute. Coverage of Dr. Hollenbeck’s research includes The Boston Globe, Reuters, U.S. News, Science Daily, Forbes and

April 7 - Dr. Lumeng quoted in major news outlets on obesity

Julie C. Lumeng, M.D., assistant professor of Pediatrics and Communicable Diseases at the U-M Medical School, was quoted in numerous outlets regarding a study published in the April issue of Archives of Pediatrics & Adolescent Medicine. Lumeng was lead author in the study, which showed that kids lacking self-control are at risk of becoming overweight pre-teens. She was quoted by the following media outlets;
Reuters , Medpagetoday, Detroit Free Press, Forbes and Science Daily.

April 3 - Dr. Wojnar quoted in major news outlets

Marcin Wojnar, M.D., Ph.D., Psychiatry, is quoted in Science Daily with regards to the research study he led. His findings were presented at the World Psychiatric Association international congress "Treatments in Psychiatry" on April 1. His study found that “the more types of sleep disturbances people had, the more likely they were to have suicidal behavior.” Coverage of Dr. Wojnar’s study includes reports from ABC News, United Press International, and Health Day.

April 1 – Dr. Duffy quoted in Science Daily and United Press International (UPI)

Sonia Duffy, Ph.D., R.N., Nursing and Otolaryngology, is quoted in Science Daily and UPI with regards to the study she authored that links healthy habits to increased rates of cancer survival. The study looked at 5 different factors that are associated with survival rates and discussed the role each of these factors play in cancer patients’ rate of survival.

April 1 - Dr. Woolliscroft explores future of Pfizer site in the news

Three news articles out today feature Medical School Dean James O. Woolliscroft, M.D., discussing the potential research uses of the former Pfizer campus, if U-M completes the purchase of that site later this spring.

Dean Woolliscroft and Senior Associate Dean for Research Steve Kunkel, Ph.D., presented information about that campus, and about its potential impact on U-M research, at two recent faculty "town hall" meetings. The intended purchase was announced in December, and U-M is now in a "due diligence" phase to review the property before any sale is completed.

Follow these links to see the stories in today's Ann Arbor News, Ann Arbor Business Review and Ann Arbor Chronicle, and learn more about the plan for growing our research capacity on the new U-M Research Growth Web site.

April 1 - Series continues on Mott heart patient

University of Michigan doctors remain confident they'll be able to help Sofi La Pres, a Muskegon infant, whose wait for a heart transplant has been covered in a series broadcast in Grand Rapids. The TV station returned this week to interview the family at Mott Children's Hospital and in the atrium of the U-M Cardiovascular Center. Cardiac surgeon Richard Ohye, M.D., had good news for the family this week - after a few setbacks and a stay in the ICU, Sofi is well enough to go home. Still, she'll remain a top priority on the transplant list.

April 1 - Medical student pens New York Times column

In the Health Section of the New York Times, Nell Burger Kirst, a fourth year family medicine student, examines the roll of a bedside companion in the patient care experience. In the article "Comforter and Comforted in an Unfolding Mystery," she writes: "The human story is not a series of illnesses and treatments that we manage, but is an unfolding mystery.. We take part in its healing as it unfolds, and we are healed by its unfolding." Burger Kirst recently learned she'll spend her residency at the University of Michigan Hospitals.

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