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Dr. Jimbo's Japanese Family Health Podcast (日本語で読む)

Masahito Jimbo, M.D., Ph.D., associate professor, Department of Family Medicine, produces podcasts in Japanese every month on health topics pertinent to Japanese living in America. For those interested in listening to the broadcasts, please click on the links entitled, "Dr. Jimbo explains," listed below.

Please note that the podcasts are no longer being recorded, but similar information can be found on his blog, "Dr. Jimbo's Healthcare Blog."

Change in Breast Cancer Screening Guidelines

In 2009, a new guideline pushed up the starting age of breast cancer screening to 50 years, and also increased the screening interval to every two years.

Dr. Jimbo explains Listen
(MP3 03:26)

New American Guidelines for Cancer Screening

United States recently had many revisions in its cancer screening guidelines. This podcast will summarize these changes.

Dr. Jimbo explains Listen
(MP3 06:20)

Rabies: Lethal but Rare

Rabies has virtually 100% mortality but fortunately is a rare disease.

Dr. Jimbo explains Listen
(MP3 03:15)

Hypertension: The Silent Killer

Hypertension must be treated early, before symptoms appear.

Dr. Jimbo explains Listen
(MP3 06:17)

What Defines a Good Family Physician?

Family physicians are probably the doctors who have the most contact with the patients.

Dr. Jimbo explains Listen
(MP3 06:34)

Expanding Threat of MRSA

MRSA used to infect only seriously ill people, but more recently healthy people are getting affected. What are the symptoms to look out for?

Dr. Jimbo explains Listen
(MP3 03:09)

Environmental Radiation in the United States

How much should we be concerned about environmental radiation?

Dr. Jimbo explains Listen
(MP3 03:39)

Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

Before You Return to Japan: Recommended Vaccines for Adults

What vaccines do adults need before returning to Japan?

Dr. Jimbo explains Listen
(MP3 03:52)

Before You Return to Japan: Recommended Vaccines for Children between 7 and 18 Years of Age

What vaccines do children between ages 7 and 18 years need before returning to Japan?

Dr. Jimbo explains Listen
(MP3 03:54)

Before you return to Japan: Recommended vaccines for babies and children under 6 years of age

What vaccines do babies and children under 6 years of age need before returning to Japan?

Dr. Jimbo explains Listen
(MP3 04:24)

Health Care Reform and American Values

The health care reform in the United States finally passed. However, support among Americans is low. This podcast briefly explores the reasons.

Dr. Jimbo explains Listen
(MP3 02:47)

Sleep Depravation can Lead to Car Accidents

Driving while sleep deprived is not very different from drinking and driving.

Dr. Jimbo explains Listen
(MP3 02:48)

Cold and Antibiotics

Antibiotics are not used to treat colds. However, there are infections masquerading as colds that may require antibiotics.

Dr. Jimbo explains Listen
(MP3 04:11)

Dealing with Metabolic Syndrome

How can you get screened for metabolic syndrome while living in the United States?

Dr. Jimbo explains Listen
(MP3 02:44)

To do or not: Lung Cancer Screening

Lung cancer screening is recommended in Japan but not in the United States. This podcast will explain why.

Dr. Jimbo explains Listen
(MP3 03:20)

To do or not: Prostate Cancer Screening

Screening for prostate cancer, which occurs in men only, is not routinely recommended in the United States and Japan. This podcast will explain why.

Dr. Jimbo explains Listen
(MP3 03:36)

The Best Ten Health Care Topics of the 2000 Decade

The most important health care topics in the last decade have been selected.

Dr. Jimbo explains Listen
(MP3 06:45)

Consequence of smoking

COPD or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease,usually occurs as a result of chronic smoking. New treatments are being developed, but the most important treatment is to quit smoking or never smoke in the first place.

Dr. Jimbo explains Listen
(MP3 06:37)

Who to Call if You Ever Ingest Poison

When you’re in the United States there’s a free number that you can call: 1-800-222-1212.

Dr. Jimbo explains Listen
(MP3 03:40)

Poison Control Center

This Winter, it’s a Double Whammy of H1N1 and Seasonal Influenza

In this podcast, the last podcasts on influenza are summarized.

Dr. Jimbo explains Listen
(MP3 07:10)

Dilemmas in Caring for Influenza

If you develop influenza-like symptoms, what should you do? Should you take an antiviral medication?

Dr. Jimbo explains Listen
(MP3 03:05)

Spreading Influenza

Influenza is spreading nationwide. What should we do to be prepared?

Dr. Jimbo explains Listen
(MP3 03:24)

To Get or Not to Get the Flu Shot

Indications for seasonal and H1N1 (swine) flu vaccines are slightly different. Who would be indicated to take them?

Dr. Jimbo explains Listen
(MP3 03:37)

When You Feel Down

What symptoms and signs define depression?

Dr. Jimbo explains Listen
(MP3 05:26)

Life Change Stress Test

PRIME-MD Patient Health Questionnaire (PHQ-9)


Flushing is a Danger Sign for Drinking

When thinking about the risks for cancer, flushing is a warning to stop drinking.

Dr. Jimbo explains Listen
(MP3 03:02)

The Alcohol Flushing Response: An Unrecognized Risk Factor for Esophageal Cancer from Alcohol Consumption

Getting the Best Out of Alcohol – Part 2

In this podcast, the difference between moderate drinking in Japan and the United States will be explained.

Dr. Jimbo explains Listen
(MP3 04:04)

Drinking and you

When a Cough Persists

What are the common causes for prolonged coughing?

Dr. Jimbo explains Listen
(MP3 06:45)

Influenza and Hand Washing

The most important prevention of spreading infection, not just influenza, is washing hands.

Dr. Jimbo explains Listen
(MP3 03:46)


How to Deal with Swine Flu

How should individuals deal with the current epidemic of swine flu? Pointers for those living in the United States are summarized.

Dr. Jimbo explains Listen
(MP3 07:05)

-Centers for disease control and prevention (CDC)
-Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare: Q and A regarding Novel Influenza A
-Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare: Related information about response to Novel Influenza A
-Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare: General information about Novel Influenza A

Getting the Best Out of Alcohol – Part 1

Depending on how you drink, alcohol can be good or bad. What is the best way to drink to stay healthy?

Dr. Jimbo explains Listen
(MP3 03:33)

What it Means to be an Effective Prevention

How useful are the current check-ups in instituting truly effective prevention?

Dr. Jimbo explains Listen
(MP3 06:28)

Chart: 8 Most Effective Preventive Care Services

Counseling is Part of a Physicians’ Job, Too

Physicians often counsel patients about health issues – accidents and injury prevention is one of them.

Dr. Jimbo explains Listen
(MP3 05:41)

Counseling Topics:
Dental hygiene
Caffeine intake
Smoking cessation
Alcohol moderation
Substance abuse
Prevention of sexual transmitted disease and pregnancy
Mental health
Domestic violence
Accident and injury prevention

Poison Help Line: (1-800-222-1222)

The website by the American academy of pediatrics on accidents and injury prevention.

Prevention and Treatment of Metabolic Syndrome Part 3

In this podcast we will discuss exercise and weight loss.

Dr. Jimbo explains Listen
(MP3 03:28)

Encyclopedia of Calorie intake and outake

Diet Pinky

Prevention and Treatment of Metabolic Syndrome Part 2

In this podcast we will discuss ways to prevent overeating.

Dr. Jimbo explains Listen
(MP3 04:02)


Calorie Calculator

Diet Facts

Prevention and Treatment of Metabolic Syndrome Part 1

The major cause of metabolic syndrome is being too fat.

Dr. Jimbo explains Listen
(MP3 02:45)

Preventing Heat–Related Illnesses

In this podcast you will learn about ways to prevent heat related illnesses such as heatstroke.

Dr. Jimbo explains Listen
(MP3 03:02)

Dangers of Metabolic Syndrome

Metabolic syndrome is increasing. What is so scary about it?

Dr. Jimbo explains Listen
(MP3 03:02)

Diagnosing Metabolic Syndrome

Metabolic Syndrome increases your risk of atherosclerosis. How is it diagnosed?

Dr. Jimbo explains Listen
(MP3 03:24)

Headache: When to ask your Doctor about it

Everyone experiences headaches. When should you be concerned and consult your doctor?

Dr. Jimbo explains Listen
(MP3 06:49)

University of Headache

Dangers of Smoking

How does smoking affect the smoker and those around him or her?

Dr. Jimbo explains Listen
(MP3 05:26)

How to Deal with Ultraviolet Rays

How can you minimize the skin damage from ultraviolet rays?

Dr. Jimbo explains Listen
(MP3 03:41)

Beware of Trampolines

Trampolines at home may be more dangerous than you think.

Dr. Jimbo explains Listen
(MP3 03:02)

The following University of Michigan website describes the cautions to take on using trampolines.

Imaging Tests and Radiation

How much radiation do we receive with common imaging tests?

Dr. Jimbo explains Listen
(MP3 03:52)

Metabolic Syndrome: Are you at risk?

The definition of Metabolic Syndrome is explained.

Dr. Jimbo explains Listen
(MP3 05:57)

Environmental Radiation

You may be exposed to radiation during your daily activities; here are some examples…

Dr. Jimbo explains Listen
(MP3 02:48)

EPA Website on calculating annual radiation dose

Injured by Car Seats?

If used improperly, car seats can actually harm you.

Dr. Jimbo explains Listen
(MP3 03:38)

Check here to see if your model is defective

Guide to proper car seat use

Travel and Health

In this podcast, health precautions during overseas travel will be explained.

Dr. Jimbo explains Listen
(MP3 04:18)

Detailed recommendations for specific countries of travel

Mercury and Fish – Are They Safe?

The amount of mercury found in fish is becoming an increasing problem.

Dr. Jimbo explains Listen
(MP3 03:20)

Mercury Levels in Fish and Shellfish

What is an Effective Check Up?

What really constitutes a check up that is actually important for your heath?

Dr. Jimbo explains Listen
(MP3 02:52)

Benefits of Vitamin D

Recently, Vitamin D is receiving increasing attention; what are its benefits?

Dr. Jimbo explains Listen
(MP3 04:08)

Amount of Vitamin D in Various Food

Scary Facts About Children’s Cold Medicine

Cold medicine for young children may be more dangerous than previously thought.

Dr. Jimbo explains Listen
(MP3 03:56)

OTC medication

How to Minimize Jet Lag

Getting your body to adjust to the time differences when traveling is not a fun process. Here are some ways you can minimize jet lag.

Dr. Jimbo explains Listen
(MP3 03:48)


Top 10 Health Topics of 2007

Looking back on the year 2007, many health issues made the headlines.  Here are my top 10 health topics.

Dr. Jimbo explains Listen
(MP3 08:29)

Tests during a Check-up – Part IV

How effective are the imaging studies done in a regular check-up?  This podcast discusses the effectiveness of different imaging tests.  Also discussed is the difference in perception of their effectiveness between the American and Japanese medical professionals.

Dr. Jimbo explains Listen
(MP3 03:35)

Tests during a Check-up – Part III

During a check-up, imaging studies such as chest X-rays are often done.  This podcast describes the specific imaging studies and the reasons for doing them. 

Dr. Jimbo explains Listen
(MP3 05:05

Tests during a Check-up – Part II

Which clinical laboratory tests (blood, urine, and stool) do we really need for regular check-ups?  This podcast explores their true utility. 

Dr. Jimbo explains Listen
(MP3 02:54)

Shared Decision Making – A True Patient-Physician Collaboration

Shared Decision Making is neither the doctor deciding everything for the patient nor the patient deciding everything for himself or herself.  It is the sharing of the knowledge, background, and values of both parties to come up with the best option for the patient.  This podcast describes the increasingly popular concept of Shared Decision Making.

Dr. Jimbo explains Listen
(MP3 7:15)

About cancer medical exam

Cancer screening is an important part of a physical exam. Depending upon age and sex, the concerns about possible cancer differs. Dr. Jimbo explains Listen
(MP3 4:03)

Test for check-ups Part 1

An important role of the family doctor is to perform check-ups. What types of tests are performed in these check-ups? Dr. Jimbo explains Listen
(MP3 3:19)

Seatbelts are for your health

People have different reasons for not fastening their seatbelts, but what if a collision occurs? Although the exent of car accident injuries differs, it's important for passengers to fasten their seatbelts. Dr. Jimbo explains Listen
(MP3 7:05)


Michigan Law

Law: Responsible Party


Use a full-body carseat

Driver is responsible


Fasten an appropiate sized seatbelt

Driver is responsible

16 and older

Fasten an appropriate sized seatbelt to the driver and all passengers in the vehicle

Offending driver or passenger is responsible

"Check-up" vs. "Screening"

The first duty of a family physician is the preservation and improvement of the patient's health. In order to accomplish this, physical examinations cannot be neglected. How are "physical examinations" and "medical examinations" different? Dr. Jimbo explains Listen
(MP3 2:24)

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