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Faculty Interests

Rita Ayyangar, M.D. 
Research interests: Neuropharmacologic management of cognitive disorders in brain injury; cognitive effects of intrathecal and oral baclofen; effects of early treadmill intervention in high-risk infants on ambulation and spasticity outcome; development of an adaptive cognition testing lab.

Noelle E. Carlozzi, Ph.D.
Research interests: Neuropsychological assessment; outcomes assessment; clinical rehabilitation; Huntington disease; traumatic brain injury; caregivers; psychometrics; computer adaptive test development.

Funded Research:

Tony Chiodo, M.D.
Research interests: Efficacy of interventional spine therapy; spine pain in dental health professionals; lumbosacral plexopathies in hip and pelvic fractures; wellness issues in persons with SCI; pulmonary function in persons with SCI.

Current research activities:

Miles Colwell Jr., M.D. 
Research interests: Biomechanics of the musculoskeletal system; pulmonary function in persons with SCI.

Current research activities:

Lisa DiPonio, M.D. 
Research interests: Medical Student Education, Spinal Cord Injury

SCI: basic demographics of veterans with SCI, medical treatment of SCI patients in emergency departments, management of fractures, psychosocial effects of bowel and bladder differences and differences in adjustment to disability.

Medical Student Education: outcomes measures for musculoskeletal education

Jeffrey Evans, Ph.D.  
Research interests: Scientific basis for the use of expressive arts in health care; assessment of executive mental functioning in adult rehabilitation inpatients

Research skills: Qualitative research methods.

Michael Geisser, Ph.D. 
Research interests: Mechanisms associated with the development and maintenance of back pain; influence of psychosocial factors on the experience of pain; treatment and prevention of chronic pain syndrome.

Research skills: Statistics and research design; research ethics and compliance

Current research activities:

Andrew Haig, M.D.
Research interests: Health policy regarding rehabilitation, musculoskeletal medicine, and occupational medicine;
rehabilitation in low-resource countries, rehabilitation in natural disaster, Telemedicine and e-health, Electrodiagnosis, Lumbar spinal stenosis

Current research activities:

Anne Hartigan, M.D.
Research interests: Ergonomics; low back pain in workers; relationship of physical examination findings to medical office visits for back pain; injury prevention in industrial settings; return to work issues; work-related musculoskeletal disorders.

Current research activities:

Joseph Hornyak, IV, M.D., Ph.D. 
Research interests: Genetics of exercise; exercise in people with disabilities.

Current research activities:

Jane Huggins, Ph.D. 
Research interests: Brain-computer interfaces; augmentive and alternative communication; brain plasticity after impairment.

Edward Hurvitz, M.D. 
Research interests: Fitness, activity, exercise and obesity in cerebral palsy; Health and outcomes in adults with cerebral palsy. Etiology of cerebral palsy.  Transition to adulthood for youths with disabilities.

Current research activities:

Claire Kalpakjian, Ph.D.
Research interests: Psychosocial aspects of aging in women with disabilities.

Current research activities:

Jacqueline Nicole Kaufman, Ph.D.
Research interests include the study of neuropsychological functioning in chronically ill pediatric populations and populations with congenital neurodevelopmental conditions. Specific research interests involve the use of basic cognitive neuroscience protocols during adapted neuropsychological testing of children with motor and language impairments using assistive technology. Related to previous work in neuroimaging of executive functioning, Dr. Kaufman is exploring ways for individuals with significant motor and speech impairments to provide responses to complex cognitive questions using simple button response activation strategies. Recent work has examined speed of processing using motor-independent measurement in children with CP. She is currently funded through the National Institute on Disability and Rehabilitation Research (NIDRR) as Primary Investigator to examine Working Memory in children with Cerebral Palsy.

Brian Kelly, D.O.
Research interests: Orthotics and prosthetics; medical education.

Ned Kirsch, Ph.D. 
Research interests: Cognitive rehabilitation; development of assistive technology systems for neurocognitive and neurobehavioral symptoms; outcomes after mild TBI.

Research skills: Single case methodologies.

Current research activities:

Anna L Kratz, Ph.D.
Research interests: momentary assessment of symptoms and functioning, mild cognitive impairment in chronic conditions, outcome measurement development, interventions to improve symptom management and functioning, identification of mechanisms/mediators of interventions.

Current research activities:

James Leonard, Jr., M.D. 
Research interests: Prosthetics and orthotics.

Current research activities:

Michelle Meade, Ph.D.
Research interests: Psychological and behavioral factors associated with the management of spinal cord injury/disease and other physical impairments; health and health care disparities associated with both race/ethnicity and disability. Health access; community reintegration including employment after SCI.

Current research activities:

Sonya Miller, M.D. 
Research interests: Quality of life outcomes in minority and aging populations; medical education.

Susan L. Murphy, Sc.D.,O.T.R.
Research interests: Osteoarthritis, fatigue, physical activity, rehabilitation interventions, aging.

Virginia Nelson, M.D., M.P.H. 
Research interests: Pediatric rehabilitation; SCI rehabilitation; rehabilitation of ventilator assisted children and adolescents; pediatric brain injury.

Percival Pangilinan Jr., M.D. 
Research interests: General rehabilitation; musculoskeletal rehabilitation, stroke.

James Richardson, M.D.
Research interests: Peripheral nerve dysfunction and its association with falls in the elderly; athletic injuries in the young; low back disorders; electrodiagnostic medicine.

Randy Roth, Ph.D. 
Research interests: Psychological factors and treatment outcomes in chronic pain management; myofascial pain disorders; psychological predictors of surgical outcome for chronic pain disorders.

James Rowan, Ph.D. 
Research interests: Traumatic brain injury.

M. Catherine Spires, M.D.
Research interests: Multiple trauma and burn rehabilitation; lower limb prosthetics and rehabilitation; electrodiagnostic medicine; medical education.

Current research activity:

Denise Tate, Ph.D.
Research interests: Quality of life and outcomes research; health behaviors and wellness; SCI and post-polio adjustment; community integration following SCI.

Research skills: Research design; grant-writing.

Current research activity:

Seth Warschausky, Ph.D.
Research interests: pediatric neuropsychology of neurodevelopmental conditions; adapted neuropsychological assessment strategies and psychometrics; peer relationships and quality of life outcomes.
Current funded research activities:
2014                Mildred S. Swanson Foundation
                        PI: Using Direct Brain-Computer Interface to Identify the Cognitive Capabilities of
                        People with Significant Disabilities
                        01/01/2014 – 12/31/2014

2014                MICHR
                        Co-Investigator (PI: Huggins)
                        Brain-Computer Interfaces to Assess the Cognitive Capabilities of Locked-In Children
                        01/01/2014 – 12/31/2014

2013-18           DOED/NIDRR  RERC
                        Co-Investigator (PIs: Meade, Durfee)
                        Project PI: Characterizing the Cognitive and Motivational Contributions to Health Self-
                        Management of Congenital Neurodevelopmental Conditions
                        10/01/2013 – 9/30/2018

2011-2014       DOED/NIDRR Co-I
                        Co-Investigator (PI: Kaufman)
                                Auditory and Visual Working Memory in Children with Cerebral Palsy
                        10/01/2011 – 09/30/2014

Robert Werner, M.D.
Research interests: Evaluating natural history of carpal tunnel syndrome among active workers; effective treatments for CTS; influence of intracarpal pressure on treatment outcomes in CTS.
Recent research activity:

John Yarjanian, D.O
Current research activities:

Mark Ziadeh, M.D.
Research interests: Rehabilitation outcomes; residency education.