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Participate in Research

We are proud to announce a new initiative to connect people with spinal cord injury who are interested in participating in clinical research with University of Michigan researchers. The SCI Research Registry is a bridge between consumers wanting to be involved in clinical research and investigators studying spinal cord injury to increase understanding of spinal cord injury, promote clinical research in spinal cord injury and increase the participation of individuals with spinal cord injury in clinical research.

Information for Participants

Any individual with a spinal cord injury is welcome to join the Registry. There are no restrictions on age, race, gender, education, employment or level or severity of injury. You may reside in any state in the U.S. (If you reside outside of the U.S., please contact us for more information.)

By joining the Registry, you become available to be contacted by researchers who have been approved by the Registry and the University of Michigan Medical School Institutional Review Board. Access to the Registry is controlled to ensure your safety and confidentiality. If you decide to join the Registry you will be told about approved research projects.

There is no obligation to join any study you do not wish to join. If you do not participate in a particular study, or do not qualify for it, you will still remain active as a member of the Registry and we will contact you again in the future about other studies. Periodically we will contact you to update your information. You may also withdraw from the Registry at any time without penalty.

To learn more about what is involved in being a member of the Registry, please read the Informed Consent (PDF).

To see the questions you will answer to join the Registry, please read the Enrollment Form (PDF).

To join the registry on-line, follow this link.

To Join the Registry

If you decide to join the Registry, carefully read and sign the Informed Consent Form and complete the Enrollment Form. Mail both forms to:

SCI Research Registry
300 N. Ingalls, NI 2A09
Ann Arbor, MI 48109

If you would like us to mail forms to you, please call our office 734-936-9334 or e-mail us at