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PM&R Programs

Rehab Psychology/Neuropsychology

All patients admitted for Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation services are followed by Rehabilitation Psychology and Neuropsychology staff. The staff's goal is to assist patients and families in adjusting to medical problems and hospitalization. The types of concerns addressed by these team members include changes in how people feel about their bodies or themselves, how they relate to others, and maintaining health behaviors. Patients and families also are taught about resources or services in their community that may be helpful.

Services include individual and group counseling, psychological and neuropsychological testing and evaluations, and family education. The team member participates in treatment planning, including post-hospital plans, and may develop appropriate behavior modifications.

Consultation services are provided for all members of the treatment team regarding service coordination, team relationships, and professional roles. Regular lectures, tutorials, and clinical teaching are given by psychology faculty and social workers to medical students, house staff, and allied health professionals. Programs also are presented for state and national audiences.