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Comprehensive Hand and Arm Movement Program (CHAMP)

CHAMP is a therapeutic intervention program that involves restricting use of the less affected upper extremity (hand and arm) using a splint or other device as a constraint as well as use of bilateral motor activities to retrain use of the more affected extremity. Therapeutic activities are to be completed during therapy sessions as well as consistently used at home in order to obtain optimal levels of functioning. This therapy is beneficial because it teaches people to overcome the learned nonuse of the affected arm and hand that developed in the early post-injury period.

Who is Eligible?
All participants need to meet the following set of criteria prior to admission:

What does the Program Involve?
The program involves wearing a splint or other device on the less affected upper extremity for a majority of the participant ’s waking hours while attempting to do all daily activities with the more affected upper extremity.

Participants must be willing to work diligently for three weeks of therapy sessions three times a week, for three hours a day. The Treatment sessions include individual Physical Therapy , Occupational Therapy, Therapeutic Recreation, and Rehabilitation Psychology, as well as group sessions. Both traditional treatment methods and facilitation of movement through functional activities are reinforced.

Participants are also provided with a home activity program and diary to complete while they are out of the clinic. This requires a good deal of self-motivation and follow through at home.

How Can My Child be Referred?
All those interested in participating must first receive an evaluation through Drs. Ayyangar, Hornyak, Hurvitz, or Nelson. An appointment can be scheduled by calling 734-936-7175. If a person is considered appropriate, they are placed on a list of potential participants and scheduled for entry into the program as soon as is feasible.

Questions regarding the program may be directed to Angie DeBolt, Case Manager for the Pediatric NeuroRehabilitation Program and CHAMP, at 734-998-2483.