Food Service for Patients

Details for inpatients in University Hospital (UH) and the Cardiovascular Center (CVC)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the process for selecting meals?
We have a variety of menus designed to meet the nutritional needs of our diverse inpatient population. Your nurse will provide the appropriate Room Service menu based on your physician's diet order.

Once you have decided on your meal/snack order, you may call the Room Service call center at any time of day to place your order. A Room Service Guest Assistant will take your order and answer any questions you have. Your meal will be delivered to your room within 60 minutes.

You may call as frequently as you'd like throughout the day for all beverages and food items.

When are meals delivered?
Meals are delivered within 60 minutes from the time of your order placement. Room Service hours of operation are 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Are all the items on the menu available 24 hours a day?
Please reference your Room Service menu for information regarding item availability. Breakfast entrees are available from 6:30AM-11AM; Lunch/Dinner entrees are available from 11AM-9PM. Room Service After-hours takes place from 9PM-6:30AM. Please note the labeled items on your menu which are available at any time of day.

Are foods available on the patient floors?
Room Service is available for 24 hours a day. If you ever want any food or beverage item, you may order it through Room Service by dialing 3-8080 from your inpatient room telephone or (734)763-8080 from an outside line. You may call as frequently as you like, even if you just ordered and would like an additional beverage.

If you find that you have forgotten a condiment, please as your Room Service tray passer if they have any available at the time of delivery.

Do I have any alternatives to the menu items?
Patient Food Service makes every effort to provide a wide variety of food options to satisfy the individual tastes of a diverse population. Depending upon your diet type, other items may be available. Ask your dietetic technician for any additional selections. As part of our ongoing efforts, we also incorporate seasonal fresh fruit and special dessert items.

Can patients get food from the cafeteria?
Depending on your diet, this may or may not be an option. Ask your dietetic technician for more information.

Do you offer guest dining?
If a guest wishes to eat with a patient, arrangements may be made 24 hours in advance to have a meal delivered to the patient's bedside; call 734-763-8080 to arrange for this service. A nominal fee is charged for this service. A full-service cafeteria is located on Level 2 of University Hospital.

Can my friends/family bring in food for me?
Please contact your Registered Dietitian before consuming food brought in from home to be sure that you are in compliance with the diet your physician has prescribed for you. Refrigerators are available in "nourishment rooms" located on the patient floors. If you are storing food in the refrigerators, please write your name and the date on the package. For safety reasons, unlabeled food will be thrown away.

Who do I contact if I have additional questions about my menu or food options?
We value your comments and sincerely want to know how we can continue to improve our service to you. If you have any comments or questions at all regarding your meal and diet, please feel free to call the Room Service call center at extension 3-8080 from your hospital phone, or (734) 763-8080 from an outside line.

What if I have questions after I leave the hospital?
We have dietitians available for outpatient nutrition counseling.