Dietetic Internship

Estimated Expenses

(All costs listed below are subject to change.)

Items Costs
Tuition $6,500
Books Included
Lab coats Included
Application fee (per concentration) $75
Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics membership fee $49
Parking Varies
Housing (depending on # of roomates) Varies
Personal living expenses Varies
Utilities Varies
Health insurance Varies


Tuition for the 10-month internship is $6,500 and includes books and one lab coat. This fee is non-refundable and must be received by June 15 before the September internship starting date. Financial aid is not available through the internship program.


The internship does not provide housing. Interns are responsible for making arrangements on an individual basis. Rent varies depending on the proximity to the hospital and campus, and/or the number of roommates. Utility costs vary as well. A resource for off-campus housing information may be found at

Personal Living Expenses

Personal living expenses greatly depend on personal lifestyle. For more information, please view the U-M Cost of Attendance information page.


A vehicle is required for travel to some affiliation sites. Interns are responsible for their parking expenses at Michigan Medicine. Parking may be extra or included in some off-campus housing options and vary in cost. Because parking near the hospital is limited, interns may choose to park and ride (free) either a U-M Logistics, Transportation and Parking bus or an Ann Arbor Area Transportation Authority bus.

Health Insurance

Interns are responsible for obtaining their own health insurance. The University will cover intern job-related liability. Interns with job-related illnesses and/or injuries will receive care at Occupational Health Services.