Dietetic Internship

UM Cardiovascular Center

Clinical Nutrition Concentration Competencies

Dietetic Interns in the Clinical Nutrition Concentration internship will have the opportunity to complete the following Clinical Nutrition Concentration Objectives:
  • Plan and implement the Nutrition Care Process for patients with:
    • neurology disorders
    • cancer
    • cardiac disease
    • renal disease
    • critical illness
    • gastrointestinal diseases and surgeries

  • Prepare and present in-depth complex case studies and literature reviews in the area of clinical dietetics.
  • Demonstrate the importance of accurately compounding parenteral nutrient formulations.
  • Observe the placement of an enteral feeding tube.
  • Design clinical nutrition services to improve efficiency, finances, employee engagement, patient safety, standardized processes.
  • Participate in the management of patient care.
  • Select and complete a one week elective with a Clinical Nutrition emphasis.