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C.S. Mott Children's Hospital


Powerful new tools that allow researchers to probe deeply into cells -- even into the genes that control the cells -- promise exciting breakthroughs for treating disease. Pediatric investigators here conduct basic laboratory research into how normal tissues and organs form and grow; the causes of congenital defects; what influences the behavior of cancer cells; and many other issues directly applicable to pediatric and adult disease.

The Department of Pediatrics is a major contributor in the effort to better understand the basic mechanisms involved in health and disease. Our department currently ranks 6th in NIH funding among medical school pediatric departments across the nation, and is an integral part of the University of Michigan’s Medical School research enterprise, which is ranked in the top ten of NIH sponsored research.

Our clinical research translates these laboratory breakthroughs into therapies and our physicians are involved in a variety of clinical research protocols directly aimed at improving patient care. For example, clinical research conducted by our faulty has led to better treatment for premature infants with lung disease, improved outcomes for childhood cancer, and has advanced non-surgical therapy for problems that used to require open heart operations.

We also know that it is very important to evaluate current modes of providing prevention and therapy and how caregivers apply these regimens. We also have faculty members working in the areas of outcomes research and health services research (CHEAR) with the goal of improving health care by helping us to better understand the strengths and limitations of current therapies and how they may best be applied. Researchers in our department have formed one of the very few units in the country dedicated to pediatric health services research and have conducted studies that have helped to shape health care policy at the state and national level.

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