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Pediatric Clerkship Grading
    Percent of Final Grade
Clinical Performance

Inpatient Attending Evaluation 25%
Inpatient Resident Evaluation 10%
Outpatient Attending Evaluation 15%
Inpatient ONLY Subspecialty Attending Evaluation
(optional, see blow)
Shelf Examination
In general, a score of one standard deviation above the national mean (74NM +8SD=82) is required to be eligible for a grad of Honors.

Attaining such scores does NOT guarantee a grade of Honors.
Departmental Requirements   20%
Team Based Learning 5%
Outpatient Progress Note 5%
Inpatient H&P 5%
Professionalism: Attendance/CLIPP Cases/ Patient Logs/Lapses of Professionalism/Final Evaluation of Clerkship 5%



Clinical Performance The grade will be extrapolated from standard evaluation forms that are completed based on observations made by faculty and house staff involved in the students' pediatric rotations. More than 3 unexcused absences will result in failure of the clerkship. Any unexcused absence will be considered a professionalism issue. Many clinical grades are given after the attendings meet together as a group. One person is then assigned to formally enter the grade. Clinical scores <5 will be looked at closely by the Clerkship Director. You may need to meet with the Clerkship Director regarding such scores as scores <5 may indicate failure of a portion of the clerkship. See sample evaluation form.

INPATIENT Subspecialty grade - If you work closely with a subspecialty attending on inpatient, you can choose to have that subspecialist(s) evaluate you. The subspecialist's evaluations will be weighted as follows: