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Treatment with ganciclovir prevents deterioration of hearing in infants with congenital CMV infectionnew
Shorter regimens of 2-day drug therapy may be as effective as 9-month INH monotherapy for latent TB Infection TB infection
Influenza Vaccine is Effective in Children 6-59 Monthsinfluenza vaccine

Amoxicillin is the Preferred Treatment for Outpatient Community Acquired Pneumonia

Benefit of Acyclovir in Neonatal Herpes
Circumcision and Risk of HIV
Virosome Hepatitis A Vaccine is Effective in Preventing Hepatitis A Infection Among Children 18 months to 6 Years of Age
Azithromycin is as Effective as and Better Tolerated Than Erythromycin for the Treatment of Pertussis
Dexamethasone Does Not Improve Outcomes in Bacterial Meningitis in Children in Developing Countries
Influenza Vaccine Efficacious Even for Asthmatic Children on Steroid Burst
CRP Level Is Helpful in Determining if Febrile Children Without Source Have a Serious Bacterial Infection
No Conclusive Evidence for Effectiveness of Antibiotic Prophylaxis
Parents Can be Reliable Predictors in the Resolution or Persistence of Acute Otitis Media Following Antibiotic Treatment
Decision Rule for Patients With Low Suspicion for Bacterial Meningitis
Conservative Evaluation and Treatment for Asymptomatic Infants Born to Mothers Treated for Chorioamnionitis
Using a "Safety Net" Prescription for Otitis Media
Use of Azithromycin in Cystic Fibrosis Patients
Following Febrile Infants as Outpatients
Diagnosis of Bacterial vs Viral Conjunctivitis
Dexamethasone in Meningitis
Influenza Vaccine May Prevent Otitis Media in High-Risk Children
Cost-Effectiveness of Hepatitis A Vaccination
Lactobacillus in Treatment of Diarrhea
Outpatient Treatment of Fever & Neutropenia
Twice-A-Day Penicillin for Strep Pharyngitis
Use of Heliox in RSV
Cost-Effectiveness of Enteroviral PCR
Pacifier Use May Increase Otitis Media Incidence
Accuracy of Diagnosing EBV Mono
Using CSF Cell Counts to Diagnose Meningitis
Influenza Vaccine Prevents Asthma Exacerbations
Treatment of Clinically-Diagnosed Sinusitis
Xylitol and Otitis Media
Simethicone for Acute Diarrhea
Use of Antibiotics in the Treatment of Lacerations
Using the WBC to Predict Neonatal Sepsis
Diagnosing Sinusitis Based on Symptoms
Prophylaxis following Strep Arthritis
Cost-Effectiveness of Rapid Strep Tests
Need for More Frequent Screening for Chlamydia
Reducing the Perinatal Transmission of HIV
Effectiveness of Pneumococcal Vaccine
Use of Pepto-Bismol in Acute Diarrhea
Antidepressants and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
Safety of Prevnar Vaccine
Novel Ways to Test for Chlamydia
Steroids and Acyclovir for Infectious Mono
Homeopathy for Childhood Diarrhea
CRP and Procalcitonin as Diagnostic Aids in Pyelonephritis
Echinacea for Prevention of URIs
C-Sections to Prevent HIV-1 Transmission
Short-Course Antibiotics for Otitis Media, part II
Sinus CT vs. X-rays for Diagnosis of Chronic Sinusitis
Efficacy of Cough Suppressants
Short-Course Antibiotics for Otitis Media
Usefulness of the RSV EIA Test
Zinc for Common Colds in Children
Penicillin Prophylaxis in Sickle Cell Anemia
Prophylaxis for Otitis Media
Diagnostic Tests for Bordatella pertussis
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