Midwest Pediatric Pacemaker Registry


The Midwest Pediatric Pacemaker Registry was formed in 1981 to provide a large information source upon which to base decisions concerning the current state of pediatric pacing rather than relying on inference from pacing practices in adults. It was formed by the members of the Midwest Pediatric Cardiology Society with a report of Registry activity being presented at the annual meeting. It is felt that pooled data from many institutions will eliminate some bias inherent in data from a single institution and increase the statistical power of the conlcusions drawn. Information provided via the World Wide Web will be updated periodically as new information becomes available. It is anticipated that this will provide a mechanisn to dissiminate new pacing practices in children and encourage more centers to submit information. At the end of this document data submission forms are provided to allow submission of pacing data by electronic mail from interested centers.

Institutions submitting data to the Registry

1995 Annual Registry Report

Registry Statistics providing an overview of the Registry size
Patient Demographics detailing patient ages at implant and the indication for implant
Generators implanted and explanted up to 1995
Electrodes utilized and replacement indications

1996 Annual Registry Report

Presentation to the Midwest Pediatric Cardiology Society, September, 1996

2002 Annual Registry Report

Presentation to the Midwest Pediatric Cardiology Society, September, 2002

Data Submission Forms

Data Entry Forms to submit information to the Regisrty

Registry Director:

             Gerald Serwer, MD
             University of Michigan Congenital Heart Center
             C.S.Mott Children's Hospital 
             University of Michigan Medical Center
             Box 0204
             1500 E. Medical Center Drive
             Ann Arbor, MI, 48109-0204  
             E-Mail: gserwer@umich.edu

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